Smoke control, air quality, light pollution and odour

Use this page to find out about smoke control areas in Leeds, reporting problem bonfires, and issues with air quality, light pollution, dust and smoke.

You can report any of these issues using the Report air or light pollution or odour form.

Smoke control areas

A large number of areas in Leeds are controlled by smoke control orders. You can check whether your house is in a smoke control area by using our map. Enter your postcode and if your address is within a shaded area there is a smoke control restriction where you live.

Areas not subject to restrictions about what they can burn are usually found in the former industrial parts of the city and some of the more outlying areas.

Fuels and appliances in smoke control areas

The fuels that can be burned in smoke control areas are governed by Defra as is installed equipment. When you purchase a stove or other solid fuel appliance the installer should check where you live and give some guidance on whether the equipment you wish to purchase is appropriate.

Full details of the fuels and appliances can be found on Defra's website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Light pollution

You can report problems with light pollution using the Report air or light pollution or odour form.​​​​​​​​​ For further information on how councils deal with light pollution please see the website


There are no laws against having an occasional bonfire provided that they don't cause a nuisance to others.

However, bonfires can:

  • contribute to poor local air quality which affects everyone
  • cause additional harm to people with certain health and respiratory conditions
  • be a nuisance to those who wish to use their gardens, including hanging out washing to dry
  • if smoke from a bonfire blows over a road and was a danger to traffic you could be fined

Bonfires should be avoided where possible and Leeds City Council have enforcement powers to tackle bonfires that cause a nuisance.

There are better ways to dispose of waste:

  • home compost your garden waste, use your brown bin (if you have one) or if you do not have a brown bin you can request a free garden waste collection
  • garden, household waste, wood and furniture can all be disposed of free of charge at your local household waste recycling site

If you do need to have a fire:,

  • only burn dry and unpainted items that are not going to produce excessive smoke
  • never burn upholstered items or household waste
  • warn neighbours that you are having a bonfire 

Report a nuisance bonfire using the Report a problem with air or light pollution or odour form.

Air quality monitoring

Leeds City Council monitors the air quality levels in the city and surrounding areas. For more information please visit our Clean Air Leeds page​.​

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