Health and wellbeing

We can you help support your health and wellbeing when you leave care. 

You can speak to your personal advisor for help and advice. 

Free gym access for 18 to 21 year olds

All care leavers aged 18 to 21 years can have free access to Active Leeds gyms.        

You will need a letter from your personal advisor to take with you when you join. Find out how to join Active Leeds gyms external link.

Support with health appointments

Speak to your personal advisor if you need some support to access health services or need someone to come to your appointments with you.                         

Specialist nurses

We have nurses who work with us to specifically support children looked after and care leavers. Some of the area they cover are:                         

  • sexual and reproductive health
  • C-cards (free contraception)
  • pregnancy support
  • healthy eating or eating disorders
  • emotional and mental health

If they can’t help you, they’ll find someone who can. Speak to your personal advisor to get in touch with them.                         

Therapeutic team

All care leavers up to age 25 can ask for a referral to the Leeds therapeutic social work team. They can help you to better understand your life story and feel better emotionally. The team includes:                         

  • individual therapists
  • clinical psychologist
  • speech and language therapist
  • occupational therapist

Your personal advisor will need to refer you to the service                         

Further help and support

There are a number of other services that can also support you with your physical and mental health. Many of these partners have offers specifically for care leavers.

Help for 11 to 25 year olds

Get free, confidential services including one to one support, counselling, group-work and drop-ins.

Find more information with Leeds Market Place external link.

Alcohol and drug support

Get confidential help if you need alcohol or drug support with Forward Leeds external link.

Young people and families

Find support as a young person to help you live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life with Health for all Leeds external link.

There are many more services on top of these. Your personal advisor will be able to give you any additional details.

Help with health costs

If you need some help with costs associated with your health, such as the cost of glasses or dental treatment, speak to your personal advisor. We work closely with our benefits and finance team who will be able to find out if you’re eligible for funding based on your circumstances.

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