Ceremonies at Leeds Civic Hall

Ceremonies are available at the Civic Hall between 9:15am and 4pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and up to 3:45pm on Saturdays. The £100 wedding is only held on the last Monday of each month excluding bank holidays.

See the more information section to find out about the cheapest way to get married.

Room capacity

Maximum number of guests for Tuesday to Saturday ceremonies (including children and babies):

  • West Room - 38 guests
  • Banquet Hall - 90 guests
  • Conference room - 60 guests

This does not include the couple and the photographer.

People should not attend the ceremony if:

  • they have tested positive for coronavirus
  • they are self isolating

To cancel or move your ceremony, please email register.headoffice@leeds.gov.uk or call us on 0113 222 4408 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except Wednesdays when we're open from 10am).

Summer ceremonies at Leeds Civic Hall

Concerts are held annually on Millenium Square during July and August.                                            

To avoid noise disturbance, ceremonies will take place in the Civic Hall Conference room (60 guests) on the following dates:                                            


  • Saturday 9 July
  • Saturday 16 July
  • Saturday 23 July
  • Saturday 30 July
  • Saturday 6 August


  • Saturday 8 July
  • Saturday 15 July
  • Saturday 22 July
  • Saturday 29 July
  • Saturday 5 August


  • Saturday 6 July
  • Saturday 13 July
  • Saturday 20 July
  • Saturday 27 July
  • Saturday 3 August

The West room and Banquet Hall will not be available on these dates.                                            

Ceremony fees

As well as the cost of giving notice (£35 per person), you must pay the registrar to attend and perform your ceremony, as detailed below. The fee must be paid on the day of your notice of marriage/civil partnership appointment. If you give notice outside of Leeds you must pay your ceremony fee within 14 days of giving notice. The ceremony fee includes one copy of the marriage/civil partnership certificate.

2024 fees - Civic Hall

Prices for ceremonies for the Civic Hall between 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2024. The prices below include the booking fee.                          

We don’t hold ceremonies at the Civic Hall on Wednesday or Sunday.

Civic Hall (West Room)

  • Monday: £100 (basic ceremony)
  • Tuesday and Thursday: £315
  • Friday: £410
  • Saturday: £450

The £100 wedding/civil partnership (seats only 2)

The £100 wedding/civil partnership is the basic ceremony option. Your ceremony will take place in the Civic Hall (West Room). Only two guests are allowed that will act as your witnesses and no music or readings are available. This ceremony is only available on the last Monday of each month.                                                    

Civic Hall (Banquet Hall)

  • Saturday only: £515

Civic Hall (Conference room)

  • Saturday only (during Millenium Square concerts): £480

The fees are subject to change as from 1 January 2025 and may be subject to change at other times. The new fees will be applied to all ceremonies taking place after this date.                                                     

Please see our Registrars fees page for the full list of costs.

Photos of the Civic Hall

Banquet Hall

Find more photos of weddings in the Banquet Hall on google.

A view of the Banqueting Hall at Leeds Civic Hall set up for a wedding ceremony. The view is from the front of the room, the walls of the room are clad in ornate wooden panelling and a large chandellier hangs from the ceiling aligned in the centre of the photo A view of the Banqueting Hall at Leeds Civic Hall set up for a wedding ceremony. The view is from the back of the room, the walls of the room are clad in ornate wooden panelling, large windows run down the walls and two large chandelliers hang from the ceiling A view of the Banqueting Hall at Leeds Civic Hall set up for a wedding ceremony. The view is from the side of the room, the walls of the room are clad in ornate wooden panelling and two large chandelliers hang from the ceiling Entrance hall way to the Banqueting Room at Leeds Civic Hall. There are glass cabinets lining the walls containing trophys, plates and other artifacts.

West room

A view of the West Room at Leeds Civic Hall from the front left corner, the walls have historic portraits and there are two large windows with blinds to the right. A view of the west room at Leeds Civic Hall from the front right corner of the room looking towards the entrance door. The walls have historic portraits on them.

How to book

Please see our booking page for information.

Re-arranged ceremonies

If you have re-arranged your ceremony, please check that your original notice is still valid.

Is my notice still valid?

Your notice may not be valid if the date or location of your ceremony has changed.                      

You will need to give notice again if:                      

  • you have moved your ceremony to another venue since giving notice
  • the date of your ceremony will be more than one year after you gave notice

To give notice again please call 0113 378 9664.                      

We are not yet able to arrange notice for new ceremony bookings.

More information

Information we collect about you

The council has a statutory duty to register births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships and to administer citizenship services on behalf of the Home Office. Your information will only be used to assist us with your registration appointment and/or ceremony or your copy certificate application. We will not share this information with anyone else unless we are required to do so by law. Please see our privacy policy for further information on how we process your personal data.                      

Access and parking information

Leeds Civic Hall is on Calverley Street just past the junction with Great George Street. There is no parking at the Civic Hall, although there is a dropping-off area to the side of the Civic Hall on Portland Crescent. The nearest car parks are the Rosebowl, Portland Crescent (LS1 3HB), Citipark Merrion Centre, Merrion Way (LS2 8BT) and Woodhouse Lane Car Park (LS2 3AX).                      

Entrance to the ceremony rooms will normally be via the front doors on Millenium square.                      

When ceremonies are being held in the Conference room, access to the Civic Hall will be via the Courtyard entrance at the rear of the building.                      

There is disabled access into both ceremony rooms via the Portland crescent side entrance and, when the conference room is being used for ceremonies, at the back of the Civic Hall.

Cancelling a ceremony

Please note that we would normally only accept requests to cancel or rearrange a ceremony from one of the parties. Requests can be made by phone, by letter or email to register.headoffice@leeds.gov.uk. We will confirm requests in writing.                      

We are unable to refund any ceremony fees where the ceremony is cancelled within 28 days (four weeks) of the ceremony taking place. Ceremonies cancelled between 56 days (eight weeks) and 28 days (four weeks) of the ceremony date will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the ceremony fee.                      

Where is a ceremony is re–scheduled during the above timescales and is then subsequently cancelled, the cancellation policy will be applied against the date the ceremony was re–scheduled, not the date it was cancelled.                      

No refunds can be made where no notice of cancellation or non attendance is received up to the time of the ceremony. Provisional booking administration fees cannot be refunded.                      

Cheapest way to get married or form a civil partnership

The £100 wedding/civil partnership is the basic ceremony option. Your ceremony will take place in the West Room. However, only two guests are allowed that will act as your witnesses. No music or readings are available. This ceremony is only available on the last Monday of each month, excluding bank holidays.

The total cost for the cheapest marriage/civil partnership will be £170. This includes giving notice of marriage £35 each and the £100 wedding/civil partnership.                  


Biodegradable confetti outside is fine as long as the hall's doors are closed so it doesn't blow inside.                      

Declaratory and contracting words

In order for you to be legally married, the declaratory and contracting words must form part of your marriage ceremony. There are alternatives to the traditional declaratory and contracting words, which can be used to make the marriage ceremony shorter, or to help in cases where saying the full versions may be difficult for either of you. You must choose one selection from each of the options below. Those shown as Option 1 are the traditional forms of the Declaratory and Contracting words.                      

A - First declaration


  1. “I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I ….... may not be joined in matrimony to ……..”
  2. “I declare that I know of no legal reason why I ………… may not be joined in marriage to ……..”
  3. by replying “I am” to the question “Are you ………. free lawfully to marry ………..?”

B - Second declaration


  1. “I call upon these persons here present to witness that I ….... do take thee …….. to be my lawful wedded husband/wife”
  2. “I ……. take you ……….. to be my wedded husband/wife”
  3. “I ……. take thee ……….. to be my wedded husband/wife?”
You may choose any combination from list A and B. Please state your choice on your ceremony checklist when returning it to the Ceremonies team at register.headoffice@leeds.gov.uk.                      

Marriage certificates

Marriage certificates will not be issued on the day, they will be sent to you by post after the event.                      

Pre-ceremony meetings

If you wish to meet with the registrar to finalise arrangements for your ceremony in person, you can book a pre-ceremony meeting on payment of the £35 booking fee. Please note that we are unable to guarantee that the registrar at the meeting will be the same one performing your ceremony.                      

Contact us on 0113 378 9664 or email register.headoffice@leeds.gov.uk to book an appointment.

Events room and catering packages

Our newly refurbished events room in the Civic Hall is available for post-ceremony celebrations. Features include:  

  • enough standing room to accommodate 40 guests
  • drinks and canape catering packages available to book

Find out more information about the events room, drinks and canape packages, and how to book.           

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