Leeds Homeshare

A way for people who need a bit of extra support to share their home with someone who can help.

What we do

Leeds Homeshare is a council scheme that carefully matches two types of people:

  1. a householder, who has a spare room and needs a bit of support with daily tasks and chores
  2. a homesharer, who can give them 10 hours of support per week in exchange for accommodation at a low cost

Find out how it works

For householders

If you have a home and need practical help or company at home (or know someone who does), find out more about becoming a householder.

For homesharers

If you can help with shopping, cooking and cleaning, find out how to get great value accommodation by becoming a homesharer.

Who runs Leeds Homeshare

Leeds Homeshare is a part of Leeds City Council and delivered in partnership with:

Contact us


0113 37 85410
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.



Leeds Shared Lives
Homeshare Project
Adults and Health
Central Mail Room
Tribeca House
Westland Road
LS11 5SB

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