Care Delivery Service

Peer support service

Find help for people living with dementia and people in their support network.

Who we help

We support people living with dementia and their families, friends and carers.

A confirmed, formal diagnosis is required to access the support groups.

What we do

Support we offer includes:

  • networks to encourage and enable people living with dementia to support each other and share experiences facilitated by professional support
  • strength-based support – we help people achieve the things they want to do in their everyday lives
  • helping people build their self-confidence, achieve their aspirations, and celebrate their success
  • accessible wellbeing, cultural and sporting group activities in the community
  • working in co-production with people living with dementia to develop social engagement opportunities and promote wellbeing
  • working with carers, family and friends by offering shared support, information and advice
  • cognitive stimulation therapy programmes

How to get support

Access to the service is via referral. Any person can make a referral including professionals, people living with dementia, families, friends and carers by phone or email.

Contact us

Deborah Marshall, Peer Support Co-ordinator

Phone: 07891 271 980

Deborah Catley, Assistant Peer Support Co-ordinator

Phone: 07545 605 413

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