Educational psychology for children and young people with SEN

Find out what psychological support children and young people aged 0 to 19, with special educational needs (SEN) can receive.

How we can help

The Educational Psychology (EP) Team use psychology to help children and young people with SEN to do well in their learning and development.

Support from the EP Team includes:

  • understanding how children think, learn and behave
  • helping to improve presenting behaviour and problem solving skills
  • providing training to schools and settings to improve a child or young persons school experience
  • assessments and intervention techniques
  • psychological advice for statutory assessments and associated statutory processes

Accessing the service

Parents and carers do not request help from the EP Team directly. Support must be discussed and agreed with the school first.

The EP Team work closely with schools and settings to identify and support a child's needs. The school's special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) will assess the child first to see if they can provide the support that they need.

If the child needs more support than what the SENCo can offer, the school will then contact the EP Team.

If your child is currently going through an education, health and care (EHC) needs assessment, they will be seen by an educational psychologist as part of that assessment.

Young children with a high level of needs may be referred by your local GP or other healthcare professionals.

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