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Admissions policy consultations

Each school publishes an admissions policy every year. All policies must be compliant with the School Admission Code External link.

We set the admissions policy for all community and voluntary controlled schools. Schools that are voluntary-aided, foundation, academies and free schools set their own admission policy.

Schools need to consult with the public on their admissions policy at least once every 7 years or whenever they want to change the policy.

Public consultations last for at least 6 weeks and take place between 1 October and 31 January. Once the consultation ends, the school must consider all responses and approve a final policy by 28 February and publish the policy by 15 March. The policy applies to admissions for the following school year.

Raise concerns about a school admission policy 

If you think a school's admissions policy is unfair or unlawful, you can make an objection to the school's adjudicator. 

Each school must publish their admissions policy by 15 March for children starting school in the following September. If you disagree with a school admissions policy, you can make an objection by 15 May to the Schools Adjudicator External link.

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