Bin collection problems

What to do if your bin hasn’t been collected, report a missed medical waste collection, missing bins or bags, and how to get help putting your bins out.

Missed collections

Your bin won’t be emptied if:

  • it isn’t at the kerbside before 7am on your collection day – the bin crew make a record of this, and will not be able to return to collect it before your next collection day
  • it contains something that shouldn’t be inside it – please see our advice on what goes in which bin, and remove any contaminating items so we can empty it on your next collection day
  • it’s too heavy to be lifted safely by the wagon – if your bin contains especially heavy items, for example rubble or compacted grass and soil, please do your best to remove it from the bin so that we can empty it on your next collection day
If any of the above apply, the bin crew will have made a record, and will not return before your next scheduled collection day. Please return your bin to your property until then.

If none of the above apply, we have missed your collection for another reason, such as a vehicle breakdown, blocked roads, or severe weather.

In these cases, we will try to come back before 5pm on the same day, or in the two following working days (our bin crew work Monday to Saturday).

Please follow our guidance on what to do next.

Please leave your bin out for two working days following your missed collection. If we don’t come back within this time, please return your bin to your property until your next collection day

Missed medical waste collections

If your medical waste collection has been missed, please let us know by using the report a missed medical waste collection form.

Why has my bin been tagged?

If the bin crew has left a tag on your bin, it means that the bin cannot be collected as it contains something that shouldn't be there or it's too heavy. The tag will tell you what you need to do before your next collection day, such as remove a heavy item or a non-recyclable item from the bin. The related pages section gives details of each bin and what you can put in it.

If you are part of our new bin collection service, please do not place rubbish at the side of your bin as we will tag your bin and leave this rubbish for the next collection day.

Is putting your bins out a problem for you?

If you have difficulties taking your bin out we may be able to assist you. Please fill in our getting help with your bins form.

If you already receive help with your bins but no longer require it, please cancel your assisted waste collections.

My bin has gone missing

From time to time bins may go missing or can get damaged following your collection. If this happens, you can request a replacement by visiting our request bins page.

I'm on bag collections and haven't received replacement bags

People on bag collections should receive three replacement bags each time their rubbish is collected. If you did not receive your bags, email us at

My bin was only half-emptied

If your bin was only half-emptied after collection, it is likely that something is stuck in it, which is why it has not emptied fully. Please check the bin and free the item which has prevented it from being emptied fully and present it for the next collection date.

Bins left out after collections

If bins or materials have been left out for an unreasonable amount of time after a collection date then you can report refuse bins on streets.

I have an issue with a bin collection crew

Please use our report a problem with a bin collection crew form if you need to report an incident or any concerns you have about the crew's behaviour or actions.



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