Reducing your waste

Have you ever wondered, “how can I reduce the waste I produce?” Well look no further!

There are many ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into your bin each week. From minimising food waste, to switching to reusable nappies, to learning more about recycling with our Waste and Recycling Advisors.

Love Food Hate Waste

Wasting food costs the average family £680 a year or a couple £480.

Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) can help you to save money and learn some handy tips through:

  • Savvy storage
  • Perfect portion sizes
  • Knowing your dates
  • Loving your left overs
  • Planning ahead

If you have food that cannot be eaten later then you may want to consider composting, a natural process that transforms food waste into valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.

LFHW training materials are available and can be used as a tool in:

  • Supporting families - LFHW can help families to save money, manage their money better, cook and eat together, give teenagers skills they will need when they leave home, and help families to work together
  • Promoting healthy eating - LFHW helps people manage portions, know how best to store food and make the most of their food
  • Community development - LFHW encourages people to share information, hints and tips
  • Libraries and information - LFHW provides a wealth of information to help consumers
  • Adult education - LFHW messages can be incorporated in cookery classes, IT, numeracy and literacy classes

If you would like a LFHW training pack please email

Real Nappy Scheme

The average baby will need changing 5,000 times and in one year alone a baby can fill 12 wheelie bins with disposable nappies.

Real nappies are reusable, washable nappies. They are easier to use than you might think and can work out cheaper in the long run than disposable ones.

What is the real nappy incentive scheme?

Parents can either get a free trial pack or £30 cash back when they spend £50 on either brand new or second hand real nappies. One trial pack or cash back is available per child.

Trial packs

These are a good way to try real nappies, especially if it’s your first baby or if you're not certain you'll like them.

The trial pack includes:

Cash back

The cash back option is good if you have already decided to use real nappies. We offer £30 cash back on purchases over £50 from any supplier of either brand new or second hand real nappies.

This option does not include nappy accessories (such as buckets or washing powder) and proof of purchase will be required to claim the cash back. This option allows you to choose your own style of nappy.

Am I eligible for the real nappy incentive?

  • At least one of the child's parents or guardians must be a resident within the Leeds City Council boundary
  • The child must be under 12 months old or the expectant mother in receipt of a Mat B1 form

How can I apply or claim the cash back?

Please complete the real nappy application/claim form (PDF 65KB) and return with the relevant documentation to the address on the form.


If you take part in the scheme we'll ask you for your feedback to help us decide how well it's working.

Please note the scheme is subject to availability. If you require additional information please see our real nappies fact sheet (PDF 52KB). You can also email


Our team of Waste and Recycling Advisors do a variety of education work across communities within Leeds. This includes:

  • Roadshows at local venues and events
  • Presentations in schools, colleges and universities
  • Community group talks
  • Tours at the recycling and energy recovery facility

To arrange for one of our Waste and Recycling Advisors to attend your event, or give a talk to your organisation, please contact

How to avoid junk mail

Fed up of receiving endless junk mail? You can opt out of addressed junk mail by registering with the Mail Preference Scheme. You can also opt out of receiving flyers delivered by your postie.

There are lots of other hint and tips on the Stop Junk Mail website, where you can also purchase "Stop Junk mail" door stickers.

If you do all of this and junk mail still arrives on your doormat, don’t forget that you can put it all in your green recycling bin or green sack for recycling.




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