Electrical recycling

Find out how and where to recycle your electricals.

How to recycle your electricals

You can recycle everything with a plug, battery or cable at an electricals bank. 

Please don’t put electrical items in your black bin.

Lightbulbs and batteries will need to be recycled separately.

Where to recycle electricals

You can find all the places you can recycle electricals on this map.

We have local bring banks for small household electricals including:

  • phones
  • laptops
  • toasters
  • irons
  • hairdryers
  • cables
  • vapes or e-cigarettes

Lightbulbs or anything bigger than above can be recycled at a recycling centre. Most shops and supermarkets have battery recycling in store.

What happens to electrical items

Electricals are sent for recycling so the critical rare metals they contain (gold, silver, palladium and copper) can be used again in new electronic devices.

It’s your responsibility to remove personal data from electronics. Please read the advice on how to do so from Information Commissioners Office.

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