Letting Boards

Area of Special Advertisement Control

The Area of Special Advertisement Control, also known as a Regulation 7 Direction (PDF 170KB) is in operation in parts of Headingley and Hyde Park and Woodhouse wards. It was introduced because the large number of letting boards was having a harmful impact on the character and visual appearance of the area.

Within the area of Special Advertisement Control area letting boards need consent

A map of the Regulation 7 area and guidance for landlords on longer streets are available to download.

Letting Board Code

We recognise that it would be unreasonable to require property owners to apply for advertisement consent for every new letting board in the area, so we have the Letting Board Code.

The Letting Board Code is a set of rules which determine how and where letting boards can be displayed on residential properties in the Area of Special Advertisement Control. Letting boards displayed in compliance with the Code will not be subject to enforcement action.

The Planning Enforcement team conduct regular surveys and will take enforcement action against property owners who display boards which are not in compliance with the Code.

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