Common land, town and village greens

Common Land

Common land is generally open and unfenced land. It is owned either privately or by an organisation such as local or parish council or the National Trust. A right to roam usually applies to this land, meaning it can be used use for certain activities like walking and climbing. Some common land has different rights, and so may be used for other activities, e.g. horse-riding.

Town and Village Greens

Town and Village Greens are available for public use for sports and recreation, e.g. playing football and dog walking, and so a right to roam is not required. Many Greens are owned and maintained by local or parish council, whilst others are privately owned. If a green is privately owned it can still be used for recreational activities.

Register of Common Land, Town and Village Greens

The register is a record of all the Common Land, Town and Village Greens within the Leeds Metropolitan District. The full register is open for inspection and you will need to make an appointment to view it, please email There is no charge for this service.

You can also apply for an official search of the Register using the Con29 form. The form will be available from your solicitor. For more information and details of fees see the Local Land Charges page

Each entry in the register will give you the following information:

  • a description of the land
  • who has rights to use it, and what those rights are
  • who owned it when it was first registered

Applications to register a Town or Village Green

Provided the right to apply has not been excluded you can apply to register a new town or village green under section 15(1) of the Commons Act 2006. The land must have been used for at least 20 years by local people for lawful activities without permission, forcing entry or secrecy.

Please email if you have any queries or want a copy of the application form, fees and guidance notes

You can also apply to make a correction to the register if a piece of land has been registered by mistake.

Landowner Statements

From 1 October 2013, the law has been amended to enable a landowner to deposit a Landowner Statement. This means people can only use the land with permission and brings an end to any use ‘as of right’ over the land to which the statement relates. These are available to view in the Register of Landowner statements(Excel, 103KB).

Please email if you want to make a landowner statement.

Current town or village green applications

Notice of publication of Village Green Application Gledhow Field, Gledhow Primary School, Leeds 8 (REFERENCE A76/JL/VG217)

Further to the holding of a Public Hearing into the application on December 2017 chaired by an independent Inspector, a Report seeking determination of the application was considered by the Members of the Council’s North and East Plans Panel on 9th August 2018.

The Inspector concluded that use of the application site for lawful sports and pastimes by a significant number of inhabitants of the neighbourhood within a Locality, had not taken place for the whole of the 20 year period immediately preceding the making of the application. Plans Panel accepted the Inspector’s recommendation, and, therefore resolved that no part of the land known as Gledhow Field be added to the Register of Town and Village Greens.

The Panel meeting minutes along with the report considered and background documents are available to view:

It is open to the applicant to challenge the lawfulness of the decision made (as with other Local Authority decisions) by means of Judicial Review in the High Court within three months from the date of the decision of the Local Authority. The Court is not concerned with the outcome or merits of a decision, but whether or not the law was applied properly and the correct process followed.

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