Want to know more about...

Want To Know More About sessions are suitable for anyone with an interest in or responsibility for promoting health in Leeds. These short sessions cover a wide variety of Public Health topics and aim to develop professionals’ awareness and practice around the subjects covered.

At a typical 'Want to know more about ...' session you will:

  • learn how to identify the public health issue being covered
  • discover local services that are working to improve the issue
  • understand ways you can help, should you choose to

The sessions are free of charge and are presented by friendly and knowledgeable facilitators who are experts in their fields, including specialists from the Leeds Public Health team.

Upcoming sessions

Just One More campaign

Thursday 14 March 2024, 2pm to 3pm

The Just One More campaign aims to encourage people to increase their vegetable intake by “just one more” portion per day. Come along to hear more about the campaign, how you can get involved and free resources available.

This will be our second year running the campaign after successful engagement last year. Evidence from the My Health My School survey found an increase in fruit and vegetable intake across all age categories of children and young people last year.

This year the campaign has been updated and will seek to inspire people of all ages to eat more vegetables, educate on portion sizes and seasonality, and share ideas/recipes to make eating vegetables exciting, affordable, and accessible. The campaign will include a targeted week from 20 to 24 May and then will run through into June. The campaign will provide resources, ideas, and a competition.

The webinar is suitable for anyone who promotes healthier eating as part of their role; in particular, Early Years, schools, Healthy Holiday providers, youth clubs, workplaces, and community groups working with all ages.

This online session will include:

  • background to the campaign
  • campaign purpose
  • an overview of resources and ways people can support

The webinar will be delivered by Emma Strachan – Health Improvement Specialist, Deb Lowe – Health Improvement Specialist, and Siobhan Jennings – Healthy Eating Advisor.

Want to know more about… Suicide prevention and unpaid carers

Thursday 21 March 2024, 11:30am – 1pm

Suicide is a complex and devastating event and leaves lasting impacts on families, friends and entire communities. Many factors can contribute to suicide including poor mental health, social isolation, economic pressures, relationship breakdowns and more. In this webinar you will hear the latest evidence on suicide risk in unpaid carers and explore the factors that put carers at risk. Drawing on the lived experience of carers, and recent deaths by homicide-suicide, the webinar will also consider steps that local authorities, third sector organisations and health and social care professionals can take to identify and support at-risk carers. The session is suitable for anyone who works with carers in Leeds or anyone who is interested in suicide prevention.

This session will cover:

  • an overview of suicide prevention in Leeds
  • the latest evidence on suicide risk in unpaid carers
  • what works to prevent suicide in unpaid carers
  • projects and services to help prevent suicide with unpaid carers and support those affected by suicide in Leeds

This session will be delivered by:

  • Siobhan O'Dwyer, Associate Professor of Social Care, University of Birmingham
  • Claire Turner, Chief Executive, Carers Leeds
  • Rachel Buckley, Health Improvement Principal (Public Mental Health), Leeds City Council

Want to know more about… Bowel cancer

Thursday 18 April 2024, 10am to 11am

Bowel Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK and screening can help prevent bowel cancer or find it at an early stage, when it is easier to treat.

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and is a great opportunity to find out about more about, and raise awareness of, bowel cancer and bowel cancer screening.

We know that cancer can be an emotive topic so we aim to keep the session informative, light hearted and engaging.

This webinar is suitable for anyone working or volunteering within organisations supporting individuals with their health and wellbeing including health, social care and the third sector or anyone interested or involved in promoting community wellbeing in any capacity.

This online session will cover:

  • what bowel cancer is, signs and symptoms and when to seek support
  • the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme – who is eligible and what it involves
  • bowel cancer in Leeds – current screening uptake and examples of work to support uptake
  • how you can help – signposting and resources
  • Q&A

This session will be delivered by:

  • Leeds Health Awareness Service
  • Lydia Brown, Harrogate, Leeds and York Bowel Screening Service
  • Chloe Rankin, Leeds City Council Public Health Cancer Team

Want to know more about… Measles and the MMR vaccine

Wednesday 24 April 2024, 10am to 11am

World Immunisation Week, starting on 22 April, aims to highlight the action needed to protect people from vaccine-preventable disease with this year's theme being: Prevent. Protect. Immunise. Due to the increase in measles clusters across the UK, with cases notified in Yorkshire and the Humber, this WTKMA session will have specific focus on measles and how the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination can prevent illness and protect others. The session is suitable for anyone from health, social care and wider public health related disciplines, especially those who have a role in engaging with families and communities.

This session will cover:

  • vaccination timeline and the current UK schedule
  • overview of national and local MMR data
  • signs and symptoms of measles including infectious period and exclusion criteria
  • exploring reasons for the decline in MMR vaccine uptake including vaccine hesitancy and MMR myths, such as false claims around links to autism and porcine alternatives
  • ways to access the MMR vaccination and local and national initiatives around this
  • practical advice and useful resources

The session will be delivered by Donna Whitelock and Lisa Hammond from Public Health, Leeds City Council.

Want To Know More About films

Some of the Want To Know More About… sessions are recorded and published to YouTube.

You can watch recorded webinars and other training films on the Leeds Public Health Training playlist on YouTube External link, at a time that is suitable to you. If you attended a session that was recorded, this is where it will be published.

Leeds Public Health training playlist

Delivering a Want To Know More About… session

If you are interested in delivering a Want To Know More About session to raise awareness of a particular public health issue or service, please contact us at phforall@leeds.gov.uk for a discussion.

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