About the Public Health Resource Centre

We’re unique, we’re resourceful, and we’re dedicated to helping you help Leeds.

The Public Health Resource Centre (PHRC) offers support to anyone in Leeds with a responsibility or professional interest in public health or promoting health and wellbeing.

We welcome users from a wide range of disciplines, including health, education, the local authority, social services, emergency services, prisons, and the voluntary, community and private sectors. However, we are not open to the general public.

The PHRC aims to provide the best possible information, resources and services, to help improve the health of people in Leeds and beyond.

Our vision

The Public Health Resource Centre aspires to be the hub of knowledge and resources for those who live and work in Leeds, to improve the health and wellbeing of others, through the development of the wider-workforce.

Our knowledge and resources make a journey from our customer (the workforce) to their service-users, on to their families and friends, and then on to the community. We aim to improve the public health of all, and be the service that can help you.


You can read a roundup of our activities and events in our latest newsletter (PDF, 164KB).

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