Vehicle clamping and removal

The Traffic Management Act 2004 allows the council to clamp and/or remove vehicles in certain circumstances.

We can remove your vehicle if it is causing a blockage, obstruction or is dangerously parked. 

We can also clamp and/or remove your vehicle if it is not registered with the DVLA and if there are outstanding penalty charges associated with the vehicle.

Removal costs

If we have removed your vehicle, we will charge you the following to get it back:

  • Penalty charge of £50 or £70 depending on the offence (we offer a 50%) discount if you pay within 14 days)
  • Release charge of £105
  • Storage costs of £12 for every 24 hours

What to do if your vehicle has been clamped or removed

Contact Parking Services on 0113 378 5000 (8:30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday). You can also email

You will be asked to provide proof of ownership/insurance and proof of address before the vehicle is released.​​




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