Outer Ring Road (A6120) improvements

The A6120 Outer Ring Road is a main strategic route for Leeds. Ensuring it is functioning as efficiently as possible is a key challenge for us, especially considering the expected increased traffic flows resulting from the East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) and East Leeds Extension (ELE).

Road improvements

The Leeds Outer Ring Road improvements included plans for the following junctions:

  • A6120/Roundhay Park Lane
  • A6120/A61 Harrogate Road

There is an element of peak period congestion at these junctions which has a negative impact on the environment as well as journey times.

We are also reviewing the A6120/King Lane and King Lane/Stonegate Road junctions and these will be developed in the future.

The works started in late 2017 and have a number of benefits including:

  • improving pedestrian/cycling facilities
  • safer pedestrian/cycling route
  • implementation of the “Green Streets” initiative which aims to improve environmental elements including air quality, flooding, wildlife habitats and community corridors
  • increasing junction capacities
  • signal controlling all junctions to improve the control of conflicting traffic movements

Cycle Superhighway plans

We successfully secured funding from the Department of Transport’s National Productivity Investment Fund to deliver a cycle route along the A6120. 

The route will be part of the Cycle Superhighways network and is to be implemented between King Lane and Red Hall, joining the East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR).

The aims of the development are to:

  • create a fully segregated cycle route without affecting existing road capacity and residential or business frontages
  • help reduce congestion along the A6120
  • cater to the demand of upcoming large housing developments and encourage existing and new communities in the area to use sustainable methods of transport
  • improve existing footways along the outer ring road offering the public more choice when travelling
  • facilitate links to local schools, facilities and employment sites

The Outer Ring Road Cycle Superhighway will enhance the cycle provision proposals set out within the East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) programme, creating easier travel for cyclists across North and East Leeds. Both plans will improve access into the city centre as they complement the enhanced cycling facilities within Connecting Leeds’ bus corridor scheme.

Initial plans propose to almost exclusively use verges to deliver the improved pedestrian footways and the cycle route. We anticipate the development will affect very few businesses, houses or parking spaces in the area.

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