Passenger transport

We specialise in transporting people who would otherwise find it difficult to access vital services such as care centres, community activity groups and schools.

In addition, we also offer a minibus and driver hire service.

Bus Service Operator Grant (BSOG) 2022/23

Section A: Background and contacts

  • Q1. What is your local transport authority name? - Leeds City Council
  • Q2. Name of the reporting officer - Richard Jackson
  • Q3. Contact phone number of the reporting officer - 0113 378 2337
  • Q4. Email address of the reporting officer -

Section B: Tendered Bus Network

  • Q5. What have you used the BSOG funds for? Please exclude any funding via Bus Recovery Grant (BRG) and any other funding provided through the local authority. If there has been no spend on a particular element, please enter 0.
  • What have you used BSOG funds for
    A. Maintaining current tendered services£177,534
    B. Increasing level of tendered services£0
    C. Investing in alternative services (e.g. community transport, taxi buses)£0
    D. Investing in supporting bus infrastructure provision£0
    E. Other - Bus£0
    F. Non Bus£0
  • Q6. If you provided an amount for A, B or C in Q5, did you place specific requirements on operators as a condition of payment (for example, setting a minimum standard of emissions requirement which needed to be met)? - Yes
  • If yes, please provide details - Operators had to meet the requirements to join a framework of approved suppliers
  • Q8. Please provide details of which parts of your existing bus service you would not be able to deliver without the financial assistance from BSOG. If you did not spend any of your BSOG on maintaining current tendered services, please enter N/A. - Transport for children and adults with special educational needs, children and adults with social care requirements, and older adults accessing day services or activities
  • Q9. If you have used BSOG to increase the level of tendered services, please indicate how this has been spent. - Introducing new routes
  • Q10. Please provide an estimate of the number of tendered routes supported by BSOG in your LA - 950
  • Q11. In addition to BSOG did your transport authority spend other financial resources on supporting bus services? Please exclude any funding from BRG - Yes
  • Q12. If you answered yes to question 11, please explain how money over and above BSOG/BRG was spent. If there has been no spend on a particular element, please enter 0.
  • Money spent above BSOG/BRG
    A. Maintaining current tendered services£21,500,000
    B. Increasing level of tendered services£0
    C. Investing in alternative services (e.g. community transport, taxi buses)£0
    D. Community transport run under a section 19 permit£0
    E. Network redesign/reconfiguration£0
    F. Bus stops/shelters£0
    G. Bus lanes£0
    H. Real time journey information£0
    I. Other£0

  • Q13. Did you spend all of your allocated BSOG 2022/23 grant? - Yes.

Transport for children and young people

We can provide help with transport from home to school, college, contact visits or respite arrangements. Contact us for an assessment of the help we can offer. We will work closely with you to find out your needs.

What we cannot provide transport for

We do not provide transport for: 

  • pupils who go home during lunch breaks
  • work experience
  • any induction or taster days
  • any detention
  • hospital appointments
  • any sickness when a child needs to be taken home during or at the end of the school day to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • parent or carers illness which prevents them from taking their child to school
  • other children at the same address
  • after school clubs or activities

Passenger assistants cannot give any medication to children. Any medication must be clearly labelled with the child's name and will be passed on to the school. 


Our customer charter

A customer charter is our commitment to our customers and how we will deliver our services. It also sets our where our customers can help us.

Our service standards

You can expect us to: 

  • provide safe and problem free transport which is on time
  • have journey times to a Leeds school of no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • provide vehicles that are clean and comfortable with the right seatbelts or restraints
  • employ polite and knowledgeable staff
  • have staff and contractors that will carry a private hire or hackney carriage identity badge or a Leeds City Council identity badge
  • have drivers drivers wearing the Leeds City Council corporate uniform
  • make sure all drivers and passenger assistants have had a satisfactory enhanced disclosure check for criminal convictions
  • make sure all passenger assistants have undertaken the Community Transport Association’s Passenger Assistants Training Scheme (PATS)
  • make sure our own drivers are trained appropriately and that training is reviewed regularly
  • make sure taxis and private hire companies who work for us deliver to our standards
  • make sure that all drivers and passenger assistants tell us about any accidents or incidents
  • make sure all our drivers and passenger assistants are issued with a handbook of guidelines to ensure consistency of service
We do not provide car seats. Parents or carers must provide these if they are needed.  


We will: 

  • consult with parents and carers periodically on service delivery and welcome your feedback
  • provide up to date information to drivers and passenger assistants about client’s individual needs
  • inform parents/carers of any changes to transport arrangements at the beginning of the academic year, giving two weeks notice wherever possible. Other changes will be notified as soon as practically possible
  • let you know by telephone or text message if we are not able to come because of bad weather and you will be responsible for your child's journey to and from school that day
  • arrange replacement transport if it breaks down on the way to or from school and let you or the school know your child will be late

We will let you know of any other changes as soon as can. 


How you can help

Parent and carers

You can help us by: 

  • let passenger assistants or escorts know each morning if there are any particular changes or issues that may affect behaviour or well being on the vehicle
  • watching for the arrival of the vehicle and ensuring that your child is ready on time and brought to the vehicle by a responsible adult each morning as we will only wait for 5 minutes
  • making sure that there is a responsible adult to meet your child from the vehicle in the afternoon
  • letting us know as soon as possible if your child cannot go to school for any reason by telephoning us on 0113 378 1820 to avoid any unnecessary delays to the rest of the routes
  • encouraging your child to behave well on school transport
  • letting us know of any changes to wheelchairs or any other equipment used in transportation, telephone us on 0113 378 1820
  • completing and returning the Transport Application Form with important information about your child's needs on transport

To safeguard your child, you will be asked to supply contact details and a password. Passenger Transport will ask for your password should you ring requiring any information or changes to be made to your child's transport. 


If transport is late

Please telephone us on (0113) 378 1820 if transport has not arrived on time. We will ask for: 

  • your password or other ID security check
  • the passenger name
  • name of the school or establishment the child attends
  • the normal pick time
  • the name of the contractor, if you know it
  • a contact number so we can call you back

Dropping a child home

We always expect that a responsible adult will be at the address where we drop a child. We will never leave a child unattended if no-one is home. The driver or assistant will try to contact you by telephone. If they're not able to contact you, they will: 

  • alert the school the child may need to be returned to to staff there
  • contact us to make us aware to find an emergency drop off address from the Transport Application Form
  • leave a note through your door to drop other children off and return once again to the address afterwards
  • take the child to school or a social services office if al contact fails

A note will be left for you with contact details and it is your responsibility to to arrange to collect your child. These arrangements are in place to cover emergency situations and we reserve the right to pass on any additional costs involved to he customer. 

Passenger luggage and equipment

We cannot carry suitcases or large items of luggage or equipment on our transport. Parents must make sure that only one soft bag or holdall is provided which can be kept under the seat. Separate arrangements should be made for any additional luggage or equipment.  

Equipment that we do not allow on transport includes:  

  • knives and other weapons
  • cigarette lighters
  • matches
  • fireworks

The safety of our staff and children is very important and we will not allow pupils to use our service if they do not follow the rules. We will report this to the school, parents and sometimes the police.  

Parents or carers must accept responsibility for making sure that the child does not carry any harmful items on transport and agree to comply with this policy. 


Pupils can help us by: 

  • wearing the seat belt provided (or any other prescribed restraint or harness) at all times whilst in the vehicle
  • remaining in their seats at all times when the vehicle is moving
  • not eating or drinking in the vehicle
  • behaving well whilst in the vehicle
  • co-operating fully with the passenger assistant or driver

If your child's behaviour is causing a concern to others on the transport

We will work with you and the school to try and improve your child's behaviour. Dangerous or inappropriate behaviour may result in your child being taken off transport on a temporary or permanent basis. In these circumstances you will be responsible for transporting your child to and from school at your own expense.  

In not transporting your child, we would not be implying that travel arrangements were not necessary and should not be provided, but that the child's behaviour is such that they cannot take advantage of the provision on Health and Safety grounds.

Our transport providers' contact details

Transport provider phone numbers
Company namePhone number
Amber Cars0113 231 1366
CALL-A-CAR0113 279 4039
Club Cars0113 244 4299
Club Travel Wakefield0192 436 3738
Easy Travel (Leeds) Ltd 0113 255 3555
First Lady and Homelinks0113 320 0088
Just Bus0113 217 2560
Gee Gee Cars Ltd0113 277 9889
It's Roadrunners Ltd0113 217 1717
Leeds Alternative Travel Ltd0113 386 8880
Leeds Cars (Formerly Blueline)0113 231 0310
Streamline Telecabs0113 244 3322
Local Cars Ltd0113 252 8528
Premier Private Hire0113 288 8855
Rollinson Safeway Ltd0113 228 2221
S J K Private Hire0113 250 5222
Arrow Licensed Private Hire0113 258 5888
South Leeds & Hunslet Cars Limited0113 271 2053
Wheels Private Hire0113 249 9999

Giving feedback for the service

We welcome any feedback on our service and you can let us now how we are doing by emailing

How to make a complaint

Some problems, like transport being late, may be out of our control because of unexpected incidents. When they do happen, we will let you know who the transport provider is so you can contact them directly to find out more.

We can help if you find that your transport is always late or have any other safety issues. If you are still not happy, you can make a formal complaint.

Contact us


0113 378 1820
Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5pm

Textphone: 07891 272 618



Passenger Transport
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