Hunslet Lane car park



AddressAddress<p>Hunslet Lane</p><p>Leeds </p><p>LS10 1ES<br></p><p><a href="" rel="external">View in Google maps</a><br></p>
Opening hoursOpening hours<p>Open 24 hours, seven days a week</p> <br>
SpacesSpaces<p>35 spaces</p><p><a href="/Pages/Blue-Badge-parking-and-applications.aspx">Blue badge parking spaces</a> are available<br></p>
Payment methodsPayment methods<p>Pay and Display – cash only</p><p>Parkmobile is available at this location. Use the <a href="" rel="external">Parkmobile app</a> or call 0113 809 0000</p><p>Parkmobile Site ID: 24301, 24326, 24324 </p>
PricesPrices<h4>Monday to Saturday (includes bank holidays)</h4><p> <strong>8am to 6pm:</strong></p><p>30 minutes: £1<br> 1 hour: £1.60 <br> 90 minutes: £2.60 <br> 2 hours: £3.50 <br> 5 hours: £5<br> 8 hours: £7.50 <br> Over 8 hours: £7.80</p><p> <strong>6pm to 10pm:</strong> £3 </p><h4>Sunday</h4><p> <strong>8am to 6pm:</strong></p><p>4 hours: £2 <br> Over 4 hours: £5 </p><p> <strong>6pm to 10pm:</strong> £3 </p>
Height restrictionHeight restriction<p>No</p><br>
Weight restrictionWeight restriction<p>Three tonnes</p><br>

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