Ice and snow clearing and gritting

Find out when roads are cleared of ice and snow and view our gritting routes.

Our aim is to keep the most important roads and some major pedestrian areas in Leeds clear of winter hazards from October to April each year. We do this to keep you safe and the local ecomony going.


We monitor weather patterns and use specialised data to help us make the best possible decision on when we need to start gritting.

Gritting map

Our interactive map shows the primary gritting routes, the routes which have been gritted in the past 12 to 24 hours and the positions of the gritter wagons. The map is updated every 5 minutes.

Some of our vehicles may be seen on the map even though they are not gritting. This is because they're also used for other jobs.

How to use the map

To use the gritting map:         

Find a location - top left hand side

Click the 'My location' icon to pin-point where you are or type your post code into the 'Find your address' bar.         

View the map layers - top right hand side

Select what you want to see from the 'Layer List'. For example gritted routes will change colour on the map depending on when they are gritted. So they will show as red for the last 12 hours and orange for roads gritted in the last 12 to 24 hours.         

View the gritting map External link

Gritting routes

The primary gritting routes include:

  • all the main roads
  • most other busy roads
  • most bus routes
  • access to hospitals and emergency services

Gritting priority

  • primary routes are always salted when ice or snow is forecast and get priority attention during long spells of winter weather
  • once we have gritted the priority roads then we will grit other roads
  • we aim to salt footpaths and paved areas if there is snow or frost forecast over a prolonged period

Grit bins

You can find out where your nearest grit bin is, how to get one for your street and when we refill them on our grit bins page.

Weather and travel information

You can keep up to date with weather and travel information through our travel information twitter account and travel news twitter account.

You can find additional information such as road closures, delays and diversions by visiting external link.

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