Report a change in circumstances

Make sure your address, phone number and email address are up to date so we can contact you. Find out what to do if you no longer need your Blue Badge.

If you no longer need your blue badge or it has expired, please send it back to the Blue Badge Team or hand it in to a community hub.

Moving address

If you are moving or have already moved house, we need you to provide evidence of both your old and new address and the date of the move. You can take evidence documents into one of our community hubs. Or you can send the proof and your new details to the Blue Badge Team.

Change email address or phone number

We send renewal reminders by email, so it’s important to make sure your details are up to date. Get in touch to let us know your latest contact information.

For any other changes in circumstances please contact the Blue Badge Team.

Contact us


0113 222 44 44
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Blue Badge Team,
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