Apply for a licence

We are responsible for making sure that the taxi and private hire trade in Leeds is operated in a professional manner and that the correct standards of safety and comfort are satisfied by all licensed drivers, vehicles and operators.

By becoming a driver you can play a part in delivering safe, reliable and integrated transport to everybody who lives, works or visits Leeds.

How to apply for a licence

There are specific requirements that you must meet in order to progress with an application. 

You must have passed a driving standards assessment from one of our approved suppliers:

Applications remain valid for a period of 12 months and once further criteria is met, you may be eligible to apply for a three year licence. Please refer to our fit and proper person policy.

If you do not pass and complete all of the required tests within this time period, your application will be cancelled. The fee is non-refundable.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have previously worked as a private hire or hackney carriage driver, we will check the National Refusal and Revocation Register (NR3) to see if you have had your licence revoked or refused at renewal.

Read our policy on the use of the NR3 for more information.

Driver training policy

Read the full driver training policy

1. The requirements that all new applicants will have to undertake are:

  • an advanced taxi driving test
  • an English test
  • ESOL Entry 3 in speaking, listening and reading
  • local knowledge test
  • local tourism and routes to places within the authority for which you are applying
  • satellite navigation usage
  • local conditions/policies/bylaws
  • regulatory framework (legislation) of the private hire and hackney carriage industry and test
  • Local Government (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act 1976
  • Town Police Clauses Act 1847
  • Highways Act 1980
  • professional standards training and test:
  • health and safety (personal safety/passenger safety)
  • professional customer service (assisting customers)
  • fares
  • how to drive safely and efficiently
  • providing a safe and legal vehicle
  • transport parcels, luggage and other items
  • safeguarding training and test:
  • adults safeguarding
  • children safeguarding
  • vulnerable passengers
  • equalities/disability training and test
  • wheelchair users
  • users with assistant dogs
  • elderly passengers
  • recognising non visible disability
  • practical wheelchair course (for all drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles)

2. Testing

  1. Advanced Taxi Driving Test; practical assessment (any providers recognised by each authority will be acceptable)
  2. An English test; practical assessment, which may also include a test
  3. Local knowledge test; requirement to achieve a pass rate specified by the authority that you are applying to (will have questions specific to each area and cannot be transferred).
  4. Regulatory framework of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Industry and Test; requirement to achieve a 80% pass rate(these questions will cover the same topics for all authorities)
  5. Professional Standards Training and Test; requirement to achieve a 80% pass rate(these questions will cover the same topics for all authorities)
  6. Safeguarding Training and Test; requirement to achieve a 80% pass rate (these questions will cover the same topics for all authorities)
  7. Equalities/Disability Training and Test; requirement to achieve a 80% pass rate(these questions will cover the same topics for all authorities).
  8. Practical Wheelchair Course (for all drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles); practical assessment

You will be required to carry out the training specified by the authority in which you are applying and each authority will have different approved providers and/or approved methods for delivering the training and testing procedure. However, it will cover the above requirements to the same standard. Costs at each authority may vary for each aspect of the training.                                       

a module has a test associated with it, there will be, within that test, certain questions that an applicant / existing driver must answer correctly. If an applicant / existing driver fails to answer these questions correctly, then the test will be a classed as a fail, irrespective of whether the pass mark has been achieved or not. All new applicants will be required to complete and pass the training programme. The aspects of the training shown in section 3 of the policy will have to be carried out by all existing drivers prior to the renewal of their application. New drivers must have completed all training within the twelve month period following the submission date of their application.                                     

If the module requires the training material to be given in advance; this will be provided either by the local authority or the training provider when you confirm your booking onto the course. The applicant will be given three attempts to complete and pass the training programme. If the applicant fails three times they will not be allowed to be given the opportunity to book onto the training programme for a period of twelve months.                                     

3. Refresher training

Once completed (by new applicants or at renewal), there will be a number of the modules which will require refresher training every three years, to ensure that all current drivers remain up to date with current industry legislation and practice, these will be:                                       

  • Regulatory Framework of the Private Hire Industry and Test
  • Professional Standards Training and Test
  • Safeguarding Training and Test M
  • Equalities/Disability Training and Test
  • Practical Wheelchair Course (for all Drivers of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles)
  • Any other training, such as any legislation

4. Other reasons for having to complete modules

There may be occasion for the licensing authority to require an existing licensed driver to complete and pass one or more of the training modules. This may be the result of a substantiated complaint, for example, about the standard of English, the standard of driving, the standard of customer care, attitude of the driver (this list is not exhaustive) or if the licensing authority believes that a driver’s standard of driving or behaviour falls below the standards required.                                      

We firmly believes that safe, suitable and professional trained Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers are an asset to the West Yorkshire and York region as a whole. We wish to set standards on a par or above that of our neighbouring regions to ensure the safety of the travelling public within our region.                                      


Convictions policy

Every applicant must have a criminal record check before they can have a licence. This is done by asking you to get an enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service. We will also look at your driving licence to see if you have any driving convictions. For further information please visit our taxi and private hire licensing DBS check​ page.

Having a driving or criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from becoming licensed. It depends what the conviction was for, the sentence imposed and how long ago it was.

Find more information in our:

If you cannot use the form

If you cannot use the form, email            


Make an application

Contact us to make an appointment to begin the application process and pay the relevant fee by card or cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Leeds City Council.

You will be given a one hour slot with a licensing officer to process your application. Missed appointments may result in an administrative fee being applied.

If you cannot use the form

If you cannot use the form, email          


You can also email to request a:

  • Executive driver application form
  • Escort application form

Find more information in our:

If you are a private hire drivers wanting to become Hackney carriage driver, you will need to find a current Hackney carriage proprietor to sponsor you. Email to request a Hackney carriage proprietor recommendation form.

What you need to submit with your application

The following must be submitted:

  • Group II medical report (PDF, 315KB) completed and signed by your own doctor and stamped by the practice
  • driving standards test appointment letter or pass certificate dated within three years
  • letter of introduction from your intended employer on letter headed paper and signed by the licensed operator or their nominee
  • DBS disclosure reference
  • if you were born outside of the UK we require criminal records checks all countries you have lived in
  • DVLA driving licence
  • DVLA mandate (PDF, 283KB) and applicable fee
  • two utility bills from within the last three months stating your name and address
  • two recent identical colour passport photographs
  • documented evidence of your National Insurance Number
  • current European Economic Area passport, if you do not hold one, you must supply evidence you are entitled to remain and work in the UK
  • pay the relevant fee by debit card or cheque made payable to Leeds City Council
If you cannot use the forms

If you cannot use the form, email        


Operator applications

In order to proceed with an operator application you must:

  • provide proof of planning consent or exemptions
  • submit samples of your stickers which will be displayed on your vehicles for approval
  • complete an online DBS disclosure
  • provide both counterparts of the DVLA driving licence or a paper licence along with your application
  • complete and pass the English and maths comprehension test if not already undertaken
  • attend an operator seminar
  • pay the relevant fee by debit card or cheque made payable to Leeds City Council

Email to request a Private hire executive operator application form.

Find more information in our:


To appeal a suspension, revocation or refusal decision you must contact the Magistrates Court directly within 21 days of the date on your decision letter.

Contact us

Please provide your telephone number and if you are a licensed driver or operator quote your date of birth, your badge or vehicle plate number when contacting us.


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