Selective licensing

If you rent out a property in certain parts of Beeston or Harehills, you’ll need to apply for a selective licence.

If your property is located in either of the two selective licensing areas, you’ll need a licence for the period of 6 January 2020 to 5 January 2025.

Check if your property needs a selective licence

Beeston licensing area

You'll need a licence if your property is located on one of these roads:                                                        


Access road from Hunslet Hall Road to Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Church of The Nazarene                                                        

Admiral Street                                                          


Back Belvedere Avenue                                                          

Back Belvedere Mount                                                          

Back Burlington Place                                                          

Back Burlington Road                                                          

Back Burton Terrace                                                          

Back Camberley Street                                                        

Back Clovelly Place                                                          

Back Colwyn Place                                                          

Back Colwyn View                                                          

Back Cranbrook Avenue                                                        

Back Cranbrook Terrace                                                        

Back Crossland Terrace                                                        

Back Dewsbury Road                                                          

Back Fairford Place                                                        

Back Garnet Place                                                          

Back Greenmount Terrace                                                        

Back Linden Grove                                                          

Back Linden Road North                                                          

Back Linden Road South                                                          

Back Lodge Lane                                                          

Back Longroyd Terrace                                                        

Back Maud Avenue                                                          

Back Middleton View                                                          

Back Oakley Terrace                                                          

Back Park View                                                          

Back Rowland Terrace                                                          

Back Sefton Avenue                                                          

Back Sefton Terrace                                                          

Back St Lukes Crescent                                                        

Back Stratford Avenue                                                          

Back Stratford Street                                                          

Back Stratford Terrace                                                          

Back Tempest Road                                                          

Back Temple View                                                          

Back Trentham Place                                                          

Back Wickham Street                                                          

Baron Close                                                          

Barton Grove                                                          

Barton Hill                                                          

Barton Mount                                                          

Barton Place                                                          

Barton Road                                                          

Barton Terrace                                                          

Barton View                                                          

Beeston Road (from Lane End Primary School to Cross Flatts Park and Holbeck Cemetery only)                                                        

Belvedere Avenue                                                          

Belvedere Mount                                                          

Belvedere Terrace                                                          

Beverley Avenue                                                          

Beverley Square                                                          

Beverley Terrace                                                          

Bismarck Drive                                                          

Bismarck Street                                                          

Bismarck Way                                                          

Brett Gardens                                                          

Brickfield Row                                                          

Brompton Grove                                                        

Brompton Mount                                                        

Brompton Row                                                        

Brompton Terrace                                                        

Brompton View                                                        

Buckley Avenue                                                          

Buckton Close                                                        

Buckton Mount                                                        

Buckton View                                                        

Bude Road                                                        

Burlington Place                                                          

Burlington Road                                                          

Burton Avenue                                                          

Burton Road                                                          

Burton Row                                                          

Burton Street                                                          

Burton Terrace                                                          


Cad Beeston Mews                                                          

Camberley Street                                                        

Cambrian Place                                                          

Cambrian Street                                                          

Cambrian Terrace                                                          

Carr Moor Side                                                        

Catherine Grove                                                          

Cemetery Road (from M621 motorway junction 2A to junction with Beeston Road only)                                                          

Clovelly Avenue                                                          

Clovelly Grove                                                          

Clovelly Place                                                          

Clovelly Row                                                          

Clovelly Terrace                                                          

Cockburn Close                                                          

Cockburn Way                                                          

Colville Terrace                                                          

Colwyn Avenue                                                          

Colwyn Mount                                                          

Colwyn Place                                                          

Colwyn Road                                                          

Colwyn Terrace                                                          

Colwyn View                                                          

Coupland Place                                                        

Coupland Road                                                        

Coupland Street                                                        

Cranbrook Avenue                                                        

Cross Linden Terrace                                                          

Cross Woodview Street                                                        

Crossland Terrace                                                        


Dartmouth Way                                                          

Dawson Road                                                          

Dewsbury Road (from junction 3 of M621 to junction with Middleton Grove only)                                                          

Disraeli Gardens                                                          

Disraeli Terrace                                                          

Dobson Avenue                                                          

Dobson Grove                                                          

Dobson Place                                                          

Dobson Terrace                                                          

Dobson View                                                          

Drayton Manor Yard                                                          


Elland Road (South side of the M621 - Beeston side - between Cemetery Road and Beggars Hill)                                                          

Envoy Street                                                          


Fairfax Crescent                                                          

Fairfax Road                                                          

Fairford Avenue                                                        

Fairford Terrace                                                        

Flaxton Close                                                        

Flaxton Gardens                                                        

Flaxton Street                                                        

Flaxton View                                                        

Folly Lane                                                          

Fulham Place                                                        

Fulham Square                                                        

Fulham Street                                                        


Garnet Avenue                                                          

Garnet Crescent                                                          

Garnet Grove                                                          

Garnet Parade                                                          

Garnet Place                                                          

Garnet Road                                                          

Garnet Terrace                                                          

Garnet View                                                          

Green Terrace                                                          

Greenmount Court                                                        

Greenmount Lane                                                        

Greenmount Place                                                        

Greenmount Street                                                        

Greenmount Terrace                                                        


Hardy Grove                                                          

Hardy Street                                                          

Hardy Terrace                                                          

Hardy View                                                          

Harlech Avenue                                                        

Harlech Crescent                                                        

Harlech Grove                                                        

Harlech Mount                                                        

Harlech Park Court                                                        

Harlech Road                                                        

Harlech Street                                                        

Harlech Terrace                                                        

Hill Street                                                          

Hird Street                                                        

Hunslet Hall Close                                                        

Hunslet Hall Road                                                        


Ingleton Close                                                        

Ingleton Grove                                                        

Ingleton Place                                                        

Ingleton Street                                                        


Joy Row                                                          


Lady Pit Court                                                          

Lady Pit Lane                                                          

Lady Row                                                          

Lane End Place                                                          

Linden Avenue                                                          

Linden Gardens                                                          

Linden Grove                                                          

Linden Mount                                                          

Linden Place                                                          

Linden Road                                                          

Linden Street                                                          

Linden Terrace                                                          

Lodge Lane                                                          

Lodge Terrace                                                          

Longroyd Avenue                                                        

Longroyd Crescent                                                        

Longroyd Crescent North                                                        

Longroyd Grove                                                        

Longroyd Place                                                        

Longroyd Street                                                        

Longroyd Street North                                                        

Longroyd Terrace                                                        

Longroyd View                                                        


M621 Junction 2A from Junction 3 off slip road                                                          

M621 Junction 3 from Junction 4 off slip road                                                          

M621 Junction 4 from Junction 5 off slip road                                                          

M621 Junction 4 to Junction 3 on slip road                                                          

M621 Junction 5 from Junction 6 off slip road                                                          

Maitland Place                                                          

Maltings Road                                                          

Malvern Grove                                                          

Malvern Rise                                                          

Malvern Road                                                          

Malvern Street                                                          

Malvern View                                                          

Marian Grove                                                          

Maud Avenue                                                          

Maud Place                                                          

Middleton Crescent                                                          

Moor Crescent                                                          

Moor Crescent Chase                                                          

Moor Road                                                          

Moorside Maltings                                                        

Moorville Close                                                        

Moorville Court                                                        

Moorville Grove                                                        

Moorville Road                                                        


Normanton Grove                                                        

Normanton Place                                                        

Normanton Street                                                        

Northcote Crescent                                                          

Northcote Drive                                                          

Northcote Green                                                          


Oakley Grove                                                          

Oakley Terrace                                                          

Oakley View                                                          


Parkside Lane (from junction with Dewsbury Road to junction with Lenton Drive only)                                                        

Park View                                                          

Poulton Place                                                        

Primrose Lane                                                          


Rawson Place                                                          

Rawson Terrace                                                          

Rington Road                                                        

Rowland Place                                                          

Rowland Road                                                          

Rowland Terrace                                                          


Sefton Avenue                                                          

Sefton Street                                                          

Sefton Terrace                                                          

St Francis Close                                                          

St Lukes Crescent                                                        

St Lukes Green                                                        

St Lukes Road                                                        

St Lukes Street                                                        

St Lukes View                                                        

St Peters Court                                                          

Stratford Avenue                                                          

Stratford Street                                                          

Stratford Terrace                                                          

Sunbeam Avenue                                                          

Sunbeam Grove                                                          

Sunbeam Place                                                          

Sunbeam Terrace                                                          

Sycamore Croft                                                          

Sycamore Fold                                                          


Tempest Place                                                          

Tempest Road                                                          

Temple Crescent                                                          

Temple View                                                          

Trentham Avenue                                                          

Trentham Grove                                                          

Trentham Place                                                          

Trentham Row                                                          

Trentham Street                                                          

Trentham Terrace                                                          

Tunstall Road (from junction with Dewsbury Road to junction with M621 motorway junction 5 only)                                                          


Upper Woodview Place                                                        


Waverley Garth                                                          

West Mount Street                                                          

West View                                                          

Westbourne Avenue                                                          

Westbourne Mount                                                          

Westbourne Place                                                          

Westbourne Street                                                          

Wickham Street                                                          

Woodview Grove                                                        

Westbourne Mount                                                          

Woodview Mount                                                        

Woodview Place                                                        

Woodview Road                                                        

Woodview Street                                                        

Woodview Terrace                                                        

Harehills licensing area

You'll need a licence if your property is located on one of these roads:                                                         


Anderson Avenue                                                          

Anderson Mount                                                          

Ashley Avenue                                                          

Ashley Road                                                          

Ashley Terrace                                                          

Ashton Avenue                                                          

Ashton Court                                                          

Ashton Grove                                                          

Ashton Mount                                                          

Ashton Place                                                          

Ashton Road                                                          

Ashton Street                                                          

Ashton Terrace                                                          

Ashton View                                                          


Back Ashley Avenue                                                          

Back Ashley Street                                                          

Back Ashton Place                                                          

Back Ashton Road                                                           

Back Banstead Street                                                          

Back Bellbrooke Grove                                                        

Back Bellbrooke Place                                                        

Back Bellbrooke Terrace                                                        

Back Berkeley Avenue                                                          

Back Berkeley Terrace                                                           

Back Broomhill View                                                           

Back Broughton Avenue                                                          

Back Broughton Terrace                                                          

Back Chatsworth Road                                                          

Back Clifton Terrace                                                          

Back Coldcotes Avenue                                                        

Back Compton Road                                                           

Back Conway Street                                                          

Back Cowper Grove                                                          

Back Darfield Mount                                                           

Back Dorset Mount                                                          

Back Dorset Road                                                          

Back Dorset Terrace                                                          

Back Elford Place                                                        

Back Harehills Park View                                                        

Back Harehills Place                                                         

Back Hovingham Grove                                                        

Back Hovingham Mount                                                         

Back Hovingham Terrace                                                         

Back Karnac Road                                                        

Back Lambton Grove                                                          

Back Lascelles Terrace                                                          

Back Milan Avenue                                                          

Back Milan Road                                                          

Back Milan Street                                                          

Back Nice View                                                          

Back Nowell Crescent                                                        

Back Nowell Mount                                                        

Back Nowell Place                                                        

Back Nowell Terrace                                                        

Back Rossall Road                                                        

Back Ruthven View                                                          

Back Sandhurst Grove                                                        

Back Sandhurst Place                                                        

Back Sandhurst Road                                                        

Back Seaforth Avenue                                                          

Back Seaforth Place                                                          

Back Seaforth Terrace                                                          

Back St Alban Crescent                                                          

Back Stanley Street                                                          

Back Strathmore Drive                                                          

Back Trafford Avenue                                                          

Back Westlock Avenue                                                        

Banstead Street East                                                          

Banstead Street West                                                          

Banstead Terrace East                                                          

Banstead Terrace West                                                           

Bayswater Crescent                                                        

Bayswater Grove                                                        

Bayswater Mount                                                        

Bayswater Place                                                        

Bayswater Road                                                        

Bayswater Row                                                        

Bayswater Terrace                                                        

Bayswater View                                                        

Bellbrooke Avenue                                                        

Bellbrooke Grove                                                        

Bellbrooke Place                                                        

Bellbrooke Street                                                        

Berkeley Avenue                                                          

Berkeley Crescent                                                          

Berkeley Grove                                                          

Berkeley Mount                                                          

Berkeley Road                                                          

Berkeley Street                                                          

Berkeley Terrace                                                          

Berkeley View                                                          

Bexley Avenue                                                        

Bexley Grove                                                        

Bexley Mount                                                        

Bexley Place                                                        

Bexley Road                                                        

Bexley Terrace                                                        

Bexley View                                                        

Broughton Avenue                                                          

Broughton Terrace                                                          

Brown Hill Avenue                                                          

Brown Hill Crescent                                                          

Brown Hill Terrace                                                          

Buller Close                                                          

Buller Court                                                          

Buller Grove                                                          

Burton Way (from junction with Hudson Road to junction with Upper Westlock Avenue only)                                                        


Chatsworth Close                                                           

Chatsworth Road                                                          

Clifton Avenue                                                          

Clifton Grove                                                          

Clifton Mount                                                          

Clifton Terrace                                                          

Coldcotes Avenue (from junction with Harehills Lane to junction with Harehills Park View only)                                                        

Compton Avenue                                                          

Compton Crescent                                                          

Compton Place                                                          

Compton Road                                                          

Compton Row                                                          

Compton Terrace                                                          

Compton View                                                          

Conway Avenue                                                          

Conway Drive                                                          

Conway Grove                                                          

Conway Mount                                                          

Conway Place                                                          

Conway Road                                                          

Conway Street                                                          

Conway Terrace                                                          

Conway View                                                          

Cowper Avenue                                                          

Cowper Crescent                                                          

Cowper Grove                                                          

Cowper Mount                                                          

Cowper Road                                                          

Cowper Terrace                                                          

Cross Banstead Street                                                           

Cross Bellbrooke Avenue                                                        

Cross Conway Mount                                                           

Cross Elford Street                                                        

Cross Milan Road                                                          


Darfield Avenue                                                          

Darfield Crescent                                                          

Darfield Grove                                                          

Darfield Place                                                          

Darfield Road                                                          

Darfield Street                                                          

Dorset Avenue                                                          

Dorset Mount                                                          

Dorset Road                                                          

Dorset Street                                                           

Dorset Terrace                                                          


Easterly Grove                                                          

Easterly Road (from junction with Roundhay Road up to and includes house number 52 on South side only)                                                        

Edgware Avenue                                                        

Edgware Grove                                                        

Edgware Mount                                                        

Edgware Place                                                        

Edgware Row                                                        

Edgware Street                                                        

Edgware Terrace                                                        

Edgware View                                                        

Elford Grove                                                        

Elford Place East                                                        

Elford Place West                                                        

Elford Road                                                        


Florence Avenue                                                          

Florence Grove                                                          

Florence Mount                                                          

Florence Place                                                          

Florence Street                                                          

Foundry Approach (from junction with Harehills Lane to junction with Foundry Place only)                                                        

Foundry Drive (house Number 2 only)                                                          

Foundry Place                                                          


Gledhow Mount                                                        

Gledhow Place                                                        

Gledhow Road (from junction with Roundhay Road to junction with Roseville Street only)                                                        

Gledhow Terrace                                                        


Harehills Lane (from junction with York Road to junction with Roundhay Road only)                                                        

Harehills Park Avenue (even side only)                                                        

Harehills Park Road (from junction with Harehills Park View to junction with Harehills Park Avenue only)                                                        

Harehills Park View                                                        

Harehills Place                                                        

Harehills Road (from junction with Roundhay Road to junction with Stanley Road only)                                                        

Hepton Court                                                        

Hovingham Avenue (from junction with Harehills Lane to junction with Hovingham Grove only)                                                        

Hovingham Grove                                                        

Hovingham Mount                                                        

Hovingham Terrace                                                        

Hudson Grove                                                          

Hudson Place                                                          

Hudson Road                                                          

Hudson Street                                                          


Juniper Place                                                          


Karnac Road                                                        

Kepler Grove                                                          

Kepler Mount                                                          

Kepler Terrace                                                          

Kimberley Place                                                          

Kimberley Road (from junction with Harehills Lane to entrance of Harehills Cemetery only)                                                        

Kimberley View                                                          

Kitchener Avenue                                                          

Kitchener Grove                                                          

Kitchener Mount                                                          

Kitchener Place                                                          

Kitchener Street                                                          


Lambton Grove                                                          

Lambton Place                                                          

Lambton Street                                                          

Lambton Terrace                                                          

Lambton View                                                          

Lascelles Mount                                                          

Lascelles Place                                                          

Lascelles Road East                                                          

Lascelles Road West                                                          

Lascelles Street                                                          

Lascelles Terrace                                                          

Lascelles View                                                          

Lowther Street                                                          

Lupton Avenue                                                          

Luxor Avenue                                                          

Luxor Road                                                          

Luxor Street                                                          

Luxor View                                                          


Milan Road                                                          

Milan Street                                                          


Nice Avenue                                                          

Nice Street                                                          

Nice View                                                          

Nowell Approach                                                        

Nowell Avenue                                                        

Nowell Close                                                        

Nowell Court                                                        

Nowell Crescent                                                        

Nowell End Row                                                        

Nowell Gardens                                                        

Nowell Grove                                                        

Nowell Lane                                                        

Nowell Mount                                                        

Nowell Parade                                                        

Nowell Place                                                        

Nowell Street                                                        

Nowell Terrace                                                        

Nowell View                                                        

Nowell Walk                                                        


Rachel Court                                                          

Roberts Avenue                                                          

Roberts Court                                                          

Roberts Place                                                          

Roseville Road (from junction with Roundhay Road to junction with Roseville Street only)                                                        

Roseville Street                                                          

Rossall Grove                                                        

Rossall Road                                                        

Roundhay Road (from junction with Easterly Road to junction with Roseville Road on East side only)                                                        

Ruthven View                                                          

Ryan Place                                                          


Sandhurst Avenue                                                        

Sandhurst Grove                                                        

Sandhurst Mount                                                         

Sandhurst Place                                                        

Sandhurst Road                                                        

Sandhurst Terrace                                                        

Seaforth Avenue                                                          

Seaforth Grove                                                          

Seaforth Mount                                                          

Seaforth Place                                                          

Seaforth Road                                                          

Seaforth Terrace                                                          

Sofia Close                                                          

St Alban Approach                                                          

St Alban Close                                                          

St Alban Crescent                                                          

St Alban Grove                                                          

St Alban Mount                                                          

St Alban Road (even side only)                                                           

St Alban View                                                          

St Cyprians Gardens                                                          

Stanley Avenue                                                          

Stanley Place                                                          

Stanley Road                                                          

Stanley Terrace                                                          

Stoney Rock Lane (from roundabout with Compton Road and Stanley Road to junction with Westlock Avenue)                                                        

Strathmore Avenue                                                          

Strathmore Drive                                                          

Strathmore Street                                                          

Strathmore Terrace                                                          

Strathmore View                                                          

Sutherland Mount                                                          

Sutherland Road                                                          

Sutherland Terrace                                                          


Torre Crescent                                                          

Torre Drive                                                          

Torre Grove                                                          

Torre Hill                                                          

Torre Lane                                                          

Torre Mount                                                          

Torre Road (between Lupton Avenue and York Road only)                                                          

Torre Square                                                          

Torre View                                                          

Torre Walk                                                          

Trafford Avenue                                                          

Trafford Grove                                                          

Trafford Terrace                                                          

Trent Road (from junction with Hudson Road to junction with Upper Westlock Avenue only)                                                        


Upper Westlock Avenue                                                        


Wepener Mount                                                        

Wepener Place                                                        

Westlock Avenue                                                        

Whitley Gardens                                                          

William Hey Court                                                          


York Road (from junction with Lupton Avenue to junction with St Alban Road on North side only)


Zetland Place                                                        

If you are unsure whether your property is in a licensing area, check the maps in the official designations, or email us on

Properties which do not need a licence

Some properties are exempt and do not need a licence. These are:

  • holiday lets
  • business premises
  • socially let properties
  • student accommodation owned by a university
  • accommodation where the tenant is a family member*
  • any property where the landlord already holds an HMO licence
  • properties that are empty

If you are unsure whether or not you need a licence, contact us on

Please see The Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified Exemptions) (England) Order 2006 ('Exemption Order') for further detail regarding the circumstances in which the above exemptions apply.

*Family member has a specific definition within the Exemption Order.  Do not assume that you will meet this definition without first reviewing the Exemption Order and contacting the Selective Licensing Team.

Temporary exemptions

You might qualify for a temporary exemption if you are taking steps that will mean your property will no longer need a licence. This exemption will last for up to three months.

You might qualify if you:

  • are going to stop renting out your property
  • have sold your property subject to contract
  • have permission to change your property from residential to another use

You'll need to complete an application form and provide us with evidence that you're taking steps to achieve this.

If you think you might be eligible for a temporary exemption, contact us on or 0113 535 1369.

Before applying for a licence

You need to inform certain people in writing that you are planning to make an application for a licence. You should write to:

  • your mortgage lender for the property to be licensed
  • any other owners of the property
  • anyone who manages your property
  • the proposed licence holder (if that is not you)
  • anyone who would be bound by a condition in the licence
  • any tenants or long leaseholders of the property if the lease or tenancy is for more than three years

If you would like to use a template to contact these people, we have a:

Template form to interested parties

Form to interested parties

I (name of applicant)                   

of (address)                   



wish to advise you that I have applied for a Selective Licence under Part 3 of the Housing Act 2004 to Leeds City Council’s Selective Licensing Team, Leeds City Council, Knowsthorpe Gate, Leeds, LS9 0NP the application being made on **/**/20** in respect of the property known as: (name and address of property including postcode)                   

The name, address, telephone number and email address of the proposed licence holder is detailed below (if different from above).                   

Name of the proposed Licence holder (if not the applicant):                   

Address (house number/street name postcode):                   




Apply for a licence

You’ll need to apply for a licence for each of your properties in the designated areas, including each self contained flat.

Apply for a licence
You can save your progress on the form and return to complete it for up to seven days before your application is deleted.
If you rent out a property without making a valid application for a licence, you could face prosecution with an unlimited fine or a financial penalty of up to £30,000 per offence.

We will assess your application as soon as we can and will contact you if we need more information from you. If you have any questions about an application for a licence, contact us.

Licence costs and payment

The fee for a selective licence is £825 for each property or unit of accommodation. If the licence holder is the owner of the property to be licensed and a member of Leeds rental standard at the time of application, a discount of £150 is available for each licence.

The fee will be paid in two parts:

  • £425 when you submit the application
  • £400 if the application is successful (£250 for Leeds rental standard members)
Pay for a licence online

Conditions of the licence

If you’re granted a selective licence you will need to comply with certain conditions.

We will aim to visit your property during the period of your licence to make sure that you are meeting these conditions. We may request for you to give us proof or provide us with a declaration that you are meeting a condition.


To ensure that all gas installations and appliances are in a gas safe condition and that an annual gas safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.                                                          

To produce to the council on demand for inspection, a copy of the gas safety certificate obtained for the property within the last 12 months.                                                          

To provide a copy of the current gas safety certificate to all tenants or occupiers at the beginning of their tenancy/occupancy and to keep a written record that this has been provided.                                                          

Electrical safety

To keep any electrical appliances that are made available in the house in a safe condition and to supply to the council, on demand, a declaration as to the safety of such appliances.                                                          

Smoke alarms

To ensure that a smoke alarm is installed on each storey of the house on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation and to keep each alarm in proper working order.                                                        

To supply to the council, on demand, a declaration as to the condition and positioning of any smoke alarm.                                                          

Carbon monoxide alarms

To ensure that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in any room that is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance and to keep any carbon monoxide alarm in proper working order.                                                          

To supply to the council, on demand, a declaration as to the condition and positioning of any carbon monoxide alarm.                                                          


To keep any furniture that is made available in the house in a safe condition and to supply to the council, on demand, a declaration as to the safety of such furniture.                                                          

Antisocial behaviour

To take all reasonable and practicable steps to prevent or reduce antisocial behaviour by persons occupying or visiting the house, including, but not exclusively:                                                        

  • to put in place a written procedure that indicates how complaints relating to antisocial behaviour will be dealt with. A copy of the procedure shall be supplied to the occupiers upon the commencement of their tenancy and to the council on demand
  • to keep a written record of complaints received relating to antisocial behaviour. The record shall include details of the complaint together with the action taken to resolve the matter, and shall be retained for the term of this licence
  • where antisocial behaviour is sustained, regular, or more than one occurrence (even if months apart), the licence holder shall take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure it is effectively dealt with, up to and including eviction

Management of the property

To ensure that the internal structure of the house and every window and other means of ventilation is maintained in good repair and that any fixtures and fittings and appliances made available are maintained in good repair and working order.                                                          

To ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the exterior of the property (including any boundary walls, gates and yards) is maintained in reasonable decorative order and in a good state of repair, that the exterior is free from graffiti and fly posters, and that gardens are maintained in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.                                                          

Household waste

To ensure that the house has suitable and sufficient provision for the storage and collection of waste arising from the household occupying the property, including the correct type and number of waste bins.                                                          

To ensure that all waste collected from the premises complies with the council’s Waste Policy for the collection of waste from domestic premises.                                                           

Tenancy management

To supply to all the occupiers of the house, within seven days of the commencement of any new tenancy, a written statement of the terms on which they occupy the property and to keep a written record that this has been supplied.                                                          

To obtain a reference for each person who wishes to live in the house as their main home. References shall be obtained before entering into any new tenancy, licence, or other form of agreement to occupy the house and shall be retained for the term of this licence.                                                        

To supply to the council on demand any references obtained for any tenancy for the term of the licence.                                                        

To supply to the council, on demand, details of all occupiers of the house.                                                          

Where a tenancy is terminated during the term of the licence, to ensure the correct process is followed and to supply to the council, on demand, a copy of all relevant documentation to demonstrate that the correct process has been followed.                                                        

To ensure that they give the tenant or occupier at least 24 hours' written notice of their intention to enter the house and specify the reasons entry is required. The exception to this is when it would not be reasonable to give such notice and access is urgent, for example in an emergency.                                                          

Changes to your licence

To notify the council, within 14 days, of any material change in circumstances that may affect the validity and terms of the licence, including:                                                        

  • a change of address
  • a change of manager, management arrangements, or property ownership
  • any change in the licence holders and, if appropriate, a person on whom restrictions or obligations under the licence are imposed, or any associate’s circumstances that may affect their status as a fit and proper person under the Housing Act 2004
  • any proposed changes to the house, including its layout, that would affect the licence or licence conditions

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You can download the official designations for our selective licensing areas below.

If you have further questions or need help with your application, read our application guidance notes.

Register of licenses issued

Find the register of selective licences issued for Beeston and Harehills on the Data Mill North website.

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