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Groups, events and volunteering opportunities for council tenants and leaseholders who want to improve housing services and their community.

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Tenant Voice Panel - join now

Joining the Tenant Voice Panel (TVP) is an opportunity for you to help us improve the services we give.

You will get to meet new people, gain new skills, and talk about subjects that are important to you.

Join the Tenant Voice PanelExternal link

If you would like to speak to someone about the TVP please email or call 0113 378 3330.

Estate walkabouts

Regular estate walkabouts take place across Leeds. These give tenants the opportunity to walk a set route around their local area with a housing officer to spot problems and suggest improvements.       

To take part in an estate walkabout, let your local housing office know you would like to attend, and simply turn up on the day.       

Right to manage your estates

Housing law in England gives council tenants and leaseholders the right to manage some council housing services where they live. They can then make decisions about how to spend money and run the local services that most affect them, such as repairs, looking after open spaces, and estate cleaning.       

If you and your neighbours are interested in managing your estate, please contact us to discuss what options are available.       

You can also read the Government guidance about the Right to Manage External link.       

Support and funding for tenant and community groups

We can give help and advice to new and existing tenants, residents and community groups through our ‘Communities On Top’ service offer.       

For more information on how our Tenant Engagement Team may be able to support your group you can email or call 0113 378 3330.       

Tenants, residents and community groups can also get support and funding from:       

Funding Leeds lists hundreds of funding sources and how to bid for them.       

Doing Good Leeds provides advice and support with running a voluntary or community organisation.       

West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service is a not-for-profit that can help community organisations manage their finances.       

Tpas works with tenant groups and landlords across England to improve tenant involvement.       

Tenant Scrutiny Board

The Tenant Scrutiny Board reviews the services offered to Housing Leeds tenants in order to identify where they aren’t meeting tenant’s needs or service standards. The Board then makes recommendations to services to improve the way they are delivered.       

View the Tenant Scrutiny Board’s previous and upcoming agendas, reports and minutes External link.

How to get involved

Any tenant can express an interest in becoming a member of the Tenant Scrutiny Board. Members are expected to:       

  • attend training sessions when necessary
  • work independently and as part of a team
  • understand and analyse complex reports and information
  • prepare for meetings and read paperwork to fully understand the issues under review
  • take part in meeting discussions, expressing views clearly and objectively

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, contact us on 0113 378 3330.       

Tenant Voice Panel

The Tenant Voice Panel (TVP) is an opportunity to help us improve the services that we deliver. Following a report by our volunteer Tenant Scrutiny Board, the TVP has been set up to:       

  • consult with tenants and residents on services, policies, and initiatives
  • hold Housing Leeds to account on performance and service delivery
  • make sure that all engagement activity contributes to improved services
  • give a tenant’s perspective on how we communicate

How to get involved

The panel is open to all tenants and leaseholders from across the city. Joining the panel will give you the opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills, and talk about subjects that are important to you and your local community.       

Residents living in communities with council housing are also welcome to join.       

What is involved

You’ll get to work with us in a way that suits you. You can get involved in as much or as little as you choose, by taking part in:       

  • online or face to face workshops and activities
  • short online activities in your own time such as questionnaires or surveys

When you join the panel, we’ll invite you to an induction session where you can meet the team and ask any questions.       

Join the panel

To join the panel, please complete this short online application form.       

Join the Tenant Voice PanelExternal link      

Contact us

If you would like to speak to someone about the TVP please email or call 0113 378 3330.     

Your Local Tenant Engagement Officer

Each area has a dedicated Tenant Engagement Officer. Their role is to support individuals and groups who want to make a difference in their community.       

They can help by:       

  • supporting activities
  • finding or funding any relevant training
  • offering guidance on setting up and maintaining a successful group

Contact us

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