Public toilets and Changing Places

Find information on toilet facilities in Leeds.

Public toilets

Our public toilets are:

  • cleaned once a day
  • open Monday to Sunday between 10am and 6:30pm
Toilets are unlocked by 10am and locking begins at 4pm daily

To report damage or graffiti, please email

Disabled toilets

Some disabled toilets are locked to prevent damage from misuse. Buy a key for £2 to access the toilets from our community hubs.

Changing Places

Changing Places toilets are different to disabled toilets and meet the Changing Places standards.External link.

These toilets are for people with multiple disabilities, including learning disabilities, or for the elderly and have:

  • more space to allow access for two carers
  • equipment such as an adjustable changing bench and a hoist

Find a Changing Places toilet

Changing Places toilets in Leeds External link

Report a problem with a Changing Places toilet

Any problems with these toilets should be reported to Changing Places External link.

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