Illegal advertising

Illegal advertising can include placards, banners and A-boards.


We can only deal with A-boards that have been placed on the public highway. If you come across an A-board that is on the highway and is causing an obstruction, approach the business and ask them to remove it. If they persist in causing an obstruction with the board you can report it to us using the Report illegal advertising form.

We will investigate and where appropriate we may take action against the business by serving a legal notice requiring them to remove it. If they fail to do this we will remove the board and recover the costs from the owner.

If the A-board is on private land it is a civil matter. In such cases you should contact the planning department on 0113 222 4409 for further advice.

Illegal advertising (placards and banners)

If you witness widespread or persistent illegal advertising on street furniture (eg railings, bollards, traffic light boxes) you can report it using the Report illegal advertising form.

If we can identify the person or organisation responsible we may serve a notice requiring the removal of the advertisements. If we cannot identify who is responsible, we will remove the advertisements.

If the advertising is on other areas such as private property, please contact our planning department on 0113 222 4409 or email​​​​.

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