Domestic Violence

National Stalking Awareness Week

8 April to 15 April 2019

National Stalking Awareness week is a campaign that is run each year to raise awareness about stalking.

Stalking is a form of domestic abuse which can also be associated with other forms of abuse such as coercive and controlling behaviour. It is insidious and extremely dangerous and can sometimes lead to a high risk of serious harm or homicide.

Stalking is a pattern of repeated and persistent unwanted behaviour that instils fear in the victim. It is a crime under the Protection of Harassment Act (PHA) 1997.

The facts

According to the Stalking Charity, Paladin:

  • at least five million people are stalked each year (British Crime Survey, 2006)
  • victims suffered at least 30 times before they contacted Paladin for support
  • 68 percent of cases relate to domestic violence and abuse
  • 90 percent of clients said it affected their mental health

The signs

Some common signs of stalking are:

  • persistently following someone
  • repeatedly going uninvited to a person's home or workplace
  • monitoring someone via the internet, email, mobile phone or other forms of electric communication - such as spy cameras in the home
  • loitering somewhere frequented by the person

Take action

If you think you are being stalked some good advice is:

  • tell people what is happening to you, particularly at home and at work
  • restore your mobile phone to the original factory settings, if you think it may be being tracked
  • keep a diary of every incident with dates and times including phone calls. Take a screenshot of emails and save copies
  • take to a support agency
  • report to the Police

Help and support

If you or someone you know is experiencing stalking, help is available.

For immediate danger call the Police
999 or 101

Leeds Domestic Violence Service
0113 246 0401

Paladin, the National Stalking Advisory Service
020 3866 4107

National Stalking Helpline (run by Suzy Lamplugh Trust)
0808 802 0300

Useful websites

Leeds Domestic Violence ServiceExternal link

PaladinExternal link

Suzy Lamplugh TrustExternal link

West Yorkshire PoliceExternal link