Our constitution provides the framework within which we conduct our business. It describes who is responsible for making decisions and how decisions are made.

We amend our constitution on a regular basis to keep it up to date and to reflect changes in the law.  Each time we amend it we produce a control sheet setting out the reason for the change and who approved it.

All documents in the constitution are available to download from the democracy.leeds document library. The constitution is separated into parts and sections to make it easier to find the documents you are looking for:

Part 1 - Summary and explanation – Introduction to the constitution and how the Council operates.

Part 2 - Articles of the constitution – Basic rules governing the Council’s business, and the rights of citizens.

Part 3 - Responsibility for functions – Who can take decisions, including the terms of reference for Committees and responsibilities given to officers.

Part 4 - Rules of procedure – Procedures for taking decisions and conducting meetings.

Part 5 - Codes and protocols – Codes of Conduct for Members and employees, and other codes and protocols.

Part 6 - Members' allowances scheme – Payments for Members depending on their responsibilities.


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