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Leeds Children's Mayor

Find out how you can vote for or become the Leeds Children’s Mayor.

Who is the current Leeds Children’s Mayor

The twenty first Children's Mayor of Leeds is Mohammed from Ireland Wood Primary School.

Read about the current Leeds Children’s Mayor and their manifesto

The current Leeds Children's Mayor

Mohammed became the 2023-24 Leeds Children's Mayor in October 2023 with a record number of 11,111 children and young people voting in the elections.

Mohammed's winning manifesto is about tackling climate change through creating a greener, safer and more enjoyable city for all.

Mohamed Hussein

Mohamed's manifesto

If I was Leeds Children’s Mayor I would tackle climate change. 

I am focusing on one vital issue: climate change because this issue is crucial for the well-being and future of children and young people in Leeds. As your children’s mayor, I promise to work with you towards a greener, safer, and more enjoyable city for all.  

Climate change has a great impact on children and young people across Leeds because we are the ones who will inherit the consequences. We must address climate change, so we can protect our planet and ensure a better quality of life for further generations to come. 

Three things me and my school could do:

1. Plant more trees: trees are important for our environment, as they provide shade and beauty to our community. I will work with local organisations and schools to organise some events for planting more trees in our beloved community and encourage everyone to take care of them. These events can be done by pupils from different schools.  

2. Create a composting program: I want to reduce the amount of waste we produce and turn it into something useful. I will work with the school to create a composting program that everyone can participate in and use the resulting compost to improve our soil and grow healthy plants. 

3. Organise a community clean-up (including pupils from different schools): I will encourage everyone to get involved in keeping our community clean as it should be. I will organise community clean-up event where we can work together to pick up litter from our streets and parks. 

Three things Leeds could do:

1. Sustainable transport: make safe cycling lanes as there are not many in Leeds, also initiate programs like ‘walk to school day’ or ‘walk to work day’ to reduce car emissions and encourage physical activity.

2. Green spaces: preserve and increase green spaces within Leeds. Such as constructing a community garden where we can grow organic fruits and vegetables and learn about sustainable agriculture. Also, to increase allotment areas in Leeds so many people can have access to it.

3. Promote recycling: I want to make sure that we're doing our part to reduce waste and conserve resources for a healthier environment. To achieve this, I will collaborate closely with the city council to implement and enhance recycling programs that actively engage our residents. I plan to organize awareness campaigns and educational activities, such as creating eye-catching posters that promote the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Additionally, I will actively encourage the community to minimize plastic pollution by promoting the use of reusable bags, water bottles, and other eco-friendly alternatives.

Who can get involved

Children in year 5 can enter to become the next Leeds Children’s Mayor.

Young people aged 18 or younger can vote for the next Leeds Children’s Mayor.

What is involved

  • year 5 children write a manifesto which their school submits in June
  • the manifestos are shortlisted in July and the final twelve attend a 'what to expect' session before campaigning for votes over the summer
  • the winner is announced at a celebratory finals night in October before serving a one year term
  • the winner works with the Voice, Influence and Change team to make their manifesto a reality
  • they work with democratic services to attend various events and occasions alongside the Lord Mayor of Leeds


  • develop skills and confidence in public speaking
  • experience campaigning and canvassing for votes
  • meet lots of different people including councillors and the Lord Mayor

Get involved

Tell your school about the project and encourage them to submit their year 5 manifesto in June.

Vote for your favourite manifestos every summer.

Further information

List of the previous Leeds Children’s Mayors

Previous Children's Mayors

The Leeds Children's Mayors since 2011 were:             

  • Mason Hicks, Whitkirk Primary (2022-23)
  • Zulaykha Hussain, Bardsey Primary (2021-22)
  • Samuel Hill, Carr Manor Community School (2020-21)
  • Wania Ahmad, Harehills Primary (2019-20)
  • Rio Abbott, Grange Farm Primary (2018-19)
  • Isla Bentley, Gildersome Primary (2017-18)
  • Grace Branford, Drighlington Primary (2016-17)
  • Hannah Begum, Hunslet Moor Primary (2015-16)
  • Amy Eckworth-Jones, Strawberry Fields Primary (2014-15)
  • Charlotte Williams, Rufford Park Primary (2013-14)
  • Oliver Larking, Bardsey Primary (2012-13)
  • Joe Smith, Strawberry Fields Primary (2011-12)

From 2004 until 2014 we had a Mayor for a Day. 

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