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How do I get involved?<h1>How do I get involved</h1><p>If you’d like to support child friendly Leeds there are so many ways to get involved.<br> Every contribution counts and we can all make a difference​</p>https://www.leeds.gov.uk/childfriendlyleeds/Lists/heroBanners/DispForm.aspx?ID=3

Child friendly Leeds aims to make Leeds a better place for everyone growing up and particularly to address the issues and challenges that can prevent children and young people realising their potential.

Become a child friendly Leeds ambassador

Hundreds of people and organisations are already spreading the child friendly message across the city and working on activities and projects that benefit children and young people. These people and organisations are our ambassadors and they come from a diverse range of backgrounds and contribute in a variety of different ways. 

Ambassadors don’t have a formal job description but the types of things they get involved with are: 

Promoting our brand to show collective support across the city  

Telling other people about how they can get involved and help make Leeds a better place for all children and young people and set an inspiring example

Attending and taking part in regular themed events 

Supporting young people to speak up and have their voices heard​

Helping promote and share information and activities with other ambassadors in the network 


​​Sponsor a Project

There are always child friendly projects happening across the city that would benefit from your support in the form of sponsorship. Sponsoring a project could help Leeds deliver ‘real’ opportunities and positive change for children.

Current project to sponsor:

The child friendly Leeds awards – organised entirely by young people it recognises people, places and organisations across the city who are helping to make Leeds a child friendly city

The STARS awards that recognise and celebrate the achievements of young people in care

​The Foster Carer awards, which recognise the valuable work that parents and families do in looking after some of our most vulnerable young people.

​Children’s Sculpture in Leeds City Centre

Children’s map of Leeds

Other ways you can support us

Become a LCC foster carer

Become an independent visitor

Offer adoptive/foster/kinship parents & carers the same employment rights as natural parents

Offer discounts/incentives to foster families

Run a skills based project for children in care

Offer supported lodgings for young adults leaving care

Offer work experience opportunities

Offer supported internships

Offer apprenticeships

Offer career advice/talk to schools

Offer your meeting space for free

Please email​ the following details to CFL:

Size of room

How do we book it

IT facilities

Seating layout options​




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