Child friendly Leeds Awards, Child friendly Leeds award

Nominations now open for Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2019!

The sixth annual Child Friendly Leeds Awards will take place in February 2019, and are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people and organisations in Leeds who go the extra mile to make our city child friendly. The awards, which have taken place annually since 2013, are organised and delivered by a group of enthusiastic and talented young people, supported by Leeds City Council in partnership with City Varieties.

The awards are extremely important in enabling us to showcase the talent, achievements and energy of the city’s children and young people and celebrate the individuals, places and organisations which make Leeds a great place to play, live and grow up in. The awards pay a particular tribute to the help available for those children and young people who may have additional challenges – including children who are looked after by the council, or are particularly vulnerable, and those with disabilities or additional needs.

We need you to tell us about someone that you know who deserves to be recognised

Do you know a great place in Leeds for children and young people? Someone who’s making a big difference to young people’s lives? Someone who has inspired you to make a difference too? Then please tell us! Without nominations, we cannot reward those people for the amazing work that they do.

The deadline for making a nomination is Friday 26 October 2018.

This year, the eight categories are:

  • Child of the Year (under 11)

  • This award recognises an amazing child (under 11 years) who has made a difference in Leeds. For example, someone who works with their friends, family and community to help and inspire others and effect positive change.

  • Young Person of the Year (11 – 21)

  • This award recognises an amazing young person aged 11 - 21 years (or 25 with additional needs) who has made a difference in Leeds. For example, someone who works with their friends, family and community to help and inspire others and effect positive change.

  • Youth Group of the Year (up to 25)

  • This award recognises an inspirational youth group whose members are up to the age of 25 years who have made a difference in Leeds. For example, a group who work together to help and inspire others and effect positive change in their local community or city.

  • Adult Making a Difference for Young People (adult 21 years and above)

  • This award is for someone doing extraordinary things to improve the lives of children and young people in Leeds. For example, someone who cares for, inspires or supports young people, and who gives them a voice and influence in decisions that affect them.

  • Communities and Schools Working Together

  • This award recognises the invaluable support that pupils and schools receive from their local community. We’re looking for local organisations, educators or individuals from outside the school’s regular staff, who work with, or in schools to inspire, inform or support pupils. For example, a local business that teaches enterprise skills to your pupils or an intergenerational project that brings younger and older members of the community together.

  • Inspiring Creativity Through Arts and Culture

  • This award recognises the fantastic opportunities and invaluable support that children and young people receive from the arts and cultural organisations or individual artists/practitioners in Leeds who engage, inspire and motivate children and young people, through activity delivered either in or out of school. This might include film, drama, dance, art and music opportunities delivered by companies, organisations, museums, galleries, libraries, community groups or individuals.

  • Best Place in Leeds for Children and Young People

  • This award recognises a fantastic place for children and young people in Leeds. For example somewhere that children and young people find welcoming, is inclusive to all, fun, safe, clean and inspiring.

  • Overall Contribution to Making Leeds a Child Friendly City

  • This award is given to a business/organisation making a significant contribution to our child friendly city ambitions. It could involve a business working directly with children and young people, including them in decision making, mentoring them, running activities or creating career opportunities e.g. offering a supported internship.