Infection control

It is important for everyone working in care to understand the principles of infection prevention and control. Good infection prevention and control will minimise the risk of healthcare associated infections and will help protect both the people you care for and yourself.

Respiratory illness pack for care homesExternal link

Updates have been made to the Respiratory Illness pack for Care Homes/WAA homes 2023-24 these are.

  1. The UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) number has recently changed to one single number for both in hours and out of hours 0300 303 0234 which we have updated on the documents.
  1. We also want to remind home managers about the antiviral flu stock that is ringfenced specifically for care homes at ASDA Pharmacy, Killingbeck, to help ensure that residents start treatment if required within 48 hours.

 Although many community pharmacies more local to you can access stock quickly, you have the option to send prescriptions directly to ASDA Killingbeck who hold a stock of Oseltamivir 75 and 30mg capsules specifically for care homes.

 Asda Pharmacy, Killingbeck Drive, Leeds, LS14 6UF. Telephone: 0113 2019510.
Opening Hours: Monday –Saturday 9.00 to 21.00hrs and Sunday 10.00 to 16.00hrs

IPC guidance for Covid-19.

To notify or get advice on flu/respiratory illnesses in care homes

Phone the Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team (UKHSA) on 0113 386 0300

There is also a practical guide on Outbreaks of respiratory illnesses in care homes External link  

Care Homes instructions for Flu swabs External link  

NHS information and resources on the Flu vaccine External link  

Supporting those visiting relatives with IPC

Leeds Community Health Care IPC team have provided a number of short leaflets aimed at supporting visitors to care homes around wearing a mask, washing hands using gel etc. The leaflets are available below and can be either sent to visitors or printed out. They are also useful for new staff and any other visitors plumbers, builders delivery people etc.

Social distancing when visiting a care home External link  

Washing your hands during a visit External link  

Using hand gels during a visit External link  

Removing PPE after a visit External link  

Wearing a mask during a visit External link  

Maintaining ventilation during a care home visit External link  

Infection Control Covid-19 training for care homes

These links take you to presentations related to the Care Homes Supertrainers Training.                                                   

Please play the slides as a presentation as then the slides autoplay with the voiceover.                                                    

1.Infection Control for Care Homes – PowerPoint Training slide 1 External link   - Hand washing and PPE                                                             

2.Infection Control for Care Homes - PowerPoint Training slide 2 External link   - Taking care of residents and yourselves                                                  

3.Infection Control for Care Homes - PowerPoint Training slide 3 External link   - Taking care of your environment                                                  

4.Infection Control for Care Homes - PowerPoint Training slide 4 External link   - Additional preparations




NICE have produced a guide  Helping to Prevent infection: A quick guide for managers and staff in care homes .                                                                         

The Department of Health have produced the Prevention and control of infection in care homes Summary for staff .


The Government have their Admission and care of residents in a care home during COVID-19 guidance External link                                  

Help and support

Help and support

Leeds community health care's infection control team’s web page External link contains resources and guidance on topics including audit tools, cleaning, clostridium difficile (CDI), influenza outbreaks, sepsis, legionnaires, antimicrobial resistance and handwashing.

The infection control team can be contacted for information and advice on:
Phone: 0113 843 4511


Diarrhoea and vomiting

Diarrhoea and vomiting outbreaks                                                                         

To notify and get to advice contact  the Communicable Disease Control team.                                                                      

Phone:  0113 378 5900                                                                         

Flu outbreaks                                                                         

To notify and to get advice contact Public Health England.                                                                     

Phone:  0113 386 0300