WalkSafe colourful logo with photo of 5 people enjoying themselves outdoors, and a cartoon'Ask for Angela' figure lookig at the app on their phone.

WalkSafe Leeds

WalkSafe Leeds is a free app to help you have safer and more enjoyable experiences when you are out around Leeds.

As part of our commitment to ending violence against women and girls, Leeds City Council has partnered with WalkSafe to release a local version of the nationally available WalkSafe app.

WalkSafe app

You can download the app for free, create an account and share with your family, friends and trusted contacts. The app will track your location and journeys, share your route and alert your contacts if you need help.

Download the free app

Apple Store logo link to the free WalkSafe+ Personal Safety App by Chaperhome Ltd Google Play Store logo link to the free WalkSafe+ Personal Safety App by Chaperhome Ltd

Safety features include:

  • WalkSafe - share your destination, route and estimated time of arrival
  • HomeSafe - automatically alerts your contacts if you fail to arrive at your destination on time
  • Friends - add trusted friends so they know where you are and at what time
  • Safety map - find safe spaces and support in Leeds
  • SOS - hold down the SOS button to alert contacts immediately that you are in danger
  • Reporting – issues or concerns can be raised and reported anonymously

You can give or remove permission to track your location at any time.

Safety map

You can find venues in the area that:

  • take part in Ask for Angela
  • are LGBTQ+ inclusive
  • offer further support like charging stations

Dedicated safe spaces also appear in the safety map, and you can locate on-street support like The Women’s Night Safe Space and our Street Marshals live in the app.

Leeds features

The app is available wherever you are nationwide, and when you’re within a 6 kilometre radius around the city centre you can access the Leeds specific features and resources.

View where you can access the Leeds features on Google Maps external link.

This zone is approximate to give you an indication of the areas where the Leeds features will appear on the app. All other WalkSafe features will still be available outside this zone and nationwide.

Improving your experience

Not only can you use WalkSafe for safer journeys, but it also provides you with the ability to find your way around the centre if you’re new to Leeds or are visiting a new place. You can also report concerns like poor lighting and feedback your experiences at the venues in the app.

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela is a Leeds-based initiative that allows you to request support in participating venues if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. The WalkSafe app map shows all locations with an Angela icon on their venue information.

Simply ask "is Angela working?" to a staff member and they’ll assist you in providing a safe space, calling a taxi, leaving the venue discreetly or accessing further help.

Find out more on the Women Friendly Leeds website external link.

More information, help and support

You can email us for more information or to receive promotional materials like our QR posters and leaflets.

Toolkits are also available on request to help you provide support for others to download the app.


WalkSafe blue and green logo with white logos of the partners - Leeds City Council / Safer Leeds / West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yokshire) / WalkSafe.