Play Streets

Make your street a space for play.

For most of us, the memories of how we played as a child take us back to a magical and happy place. Whether it was riding on your bike, playing curby or countless games and adventures with the kids on your street– these are the things that helped us to build friendships and explore the world around us.

Sadly, there are lots of children who are not able to have these experiences. Many of us have lost touch with our streets as places for children, families and communities to come together and play. But all this can change…

What is a play street

children playing with a long skipping rope on a closed residential street

You have the power to make your street a space for play. Play streets happen when residents apply to the council to close the streets outside their homes to traffic for a few hours. This allows children to play and neighbours to come together and relax and have fun on their street.

A play street allows children to play freely. They may scoot, cycle, skate, chalk, skip, kick a ball around, run, play games, put on plays - all on the safe and open stretch of their own road. Importantly, you provide the time and space for play, the children have the freedom to choose how they play.

Make your street a play street

Play streets are free and easy to organise. The first step is to contact the Play Streets team and let them know that you would like to make your street a play street. Give as much information as you can about the street name, whether you want to close the whole street or from house number to house number.

Once you have made your street a play street once, it becomes even easier to close it again in the future. You can make one application and apply for multiple play street closures throughout the year.

Playing Out is a national organisation and movement for longer term change, supporting children's right to play outside for their health, happiness and sense of belonging.