Cost of services from adult social care

See how much social care and support services cost, including care homes.

You'll be responsible for the cost of your care and support plan, but you might qualify for help to pay for it.

If your savings and investments are less than £23,250, you could qualify for help to pay. Check if you're likely to qualify External link.

Cost of services

After we have assessed your needs we may suggest a mixture of care services.

There are some that are free, some you can get help to pay for, and some that you will need to pay for yourself.

The cost of services changes every year. You'll find the typical costs for the financial year 2024 to 2025 on this page.

Services that may be free

If they're available, some things in your plan might be free. For example:

  • getting help from volunteers in your community
  • equipment that costs less than £1,000
  • a temporary stay in a care home while you recover from a hospital stay (known as an NHS funded community bed)
  • someone to help with your confidence and improving your abilities (known as reablement support)

Services you might get help to pay for

Care homes

If you get a care home through the council, you may be offered a place in a Leeds council care home or an independent care home.     

If you qualify for help to pay for your care home, it can be used for both types.

The cost of a care home varies and depends on:     

  • which care home you choose (some decide to charge more than others)
  • how much care you need (for example, nursing care costs more)
  • the type of room you have (for example, larger rooms cost more)
  • if it's a specialist care home

You may find it useful to read examples of how much people pay for care homes.     

Get more information about our care homes.

Mental health services

Cost of mental health services
Service typeTypical cost
Staff led group session£13.70 per session
One to one support£27.30 per hour

Care in your home

Cost of home care services
Service typeTypical cost
Home care and supportFrom £23.92 per hour per carer
Respite care at home (short breaks for carers)£12 per hour

Find out more about getting a paid carer, including home respite care, on: care in your home.

Daytime activities and care (not in your home)

Cost of daytime opportunities
Type of day opportunityTypical cost
Older people£40.25 per day
Physical disabilities£65.15 per day
Learning disabilities£65.15 per day
Autism£65.15 per day
Transport to day opportunity£8.15 per round trip

Shared Lives is a service where people can go to a trained carer's home and be cared for.

Cost of using Shared Lives services
Service typeTypical cost
Shared Lives daytime care and support
£12 per hour
Service typeTypical cost
Extra Care Housing Support £21.40 per hour / per carer
Housing Support Services £27.30 per hour
Supported Living Actual cost
Residential College (not a permanent resident) Actual cost

If they’re in your plan, you might get help to pay for these services. You will have a financial assessment to work out how much help you will get.

Find out more about getting help to pay for care.

Services you will need to pay for

There are some things that you will probably have to pay for yourself.

Respite care (weekly breaks in a care home)

Cost of respite care
Age of personTypical cost
Under 25£137.80 per week
Between 25 and state pension age£156.70 per week
State pension age and over£188 per week

Respite care can also be for less than a week – for a few days or an overnight stay.

Read more about how we can help you take a break from caring on: looking after a family member or friend.     

Meal charges

Meal charges
MealTypical cost
Main meal including dessert£7.10 per meal
Second meal (teatime)£4 per meal

Personal safety alarm (telecare)

The alarm itself is free, but there is a weekly cost to have it monitored. Find full details on our page about help and safety alarms in the home.

How to get help

To talk to us about your needs and plan your support, find out how to get help.

To find out more about qualifying for financial help, read getting help to pay for care.

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