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Presto offers a range of support for older people to help keep up with the demands of running a home and to live safe and well.

Hey Presto: All about us

Find out more about Presto from Brenda who uses the scheme, and Marianne, one of the Presto workers.

Our Services include:
  • Companionship
  • Housekeeping
  • Transport 

Presto is available longer term or to help with short term requirements. Simply choose what type of help you need and a time that suits you and hey presto, we’ll get it done. You can view our brochure (PDF 1.4MB) for more information on the services we provide.

Call us on 0113 378 3750 and we will help you select the services to suit your needs, with prices from just £14.

We do not offer personal home care services (such as dressing, bathing, toileting, etc.). If you require this type of service or think you require a high level of support, you can contact Adult Social Care for advice or to have your needs assessed by calling 0113 222 4401. You can find out more about our customer experiences by reading some Presto case studies (PDF 75KB).

Please note, although Presto is a service offered by Leeds City Council, it is not funded by the council but through payments from customers.

A Helping Hand
Keeping up with the demands of a home can be a challenge. That’s where Presto can help. 

Often living independently and well at home depends on the little things: companionship, shopping and eating well, maintaining a safe home and having great transport solutions so you can get out and about. Whether it’s providing companionship, transport and support to get out and about or help with keeping on top of household chores, that’s where Presto can help.

We can even supply delicious meals with our catering service. Presto runs a 7 day hot meals delivery scheme, with a cold tea option available. This can be booked for as many or as few days as you require.

We all need some company. Presto understands that companionship not only helps with day-to-day activities but improves the overall quality of life and well-being as well. That’s why we offer a tailored companionship service, with trained and experienced staff.

They can help to prepare meals, do small domestic jobs, assist with the shopping, accompany you on visits or appointments and just spend quality time with you in the comfort of your own home.