Our Services

​We are currently able to offer opportunities for business with the services on this site. We are reviewing all aspects of the Council to help businesses identify other key areas to work with. Our range of services will also be increasing in the coming months to include key areas such as legal services, audit services to name just a few. 

If you are interested in a particular area which is not included here, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to meet your needs. 



Catering LeedsCatering Leedshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/our%20services/catering-leeds, Catering Leedsorange
Business Support CentreBusiness Support Centrehttps://bsc-alpha.leeds.gov.uk, Business Support Centrepink external
Services for SchoolsServices for Schoolshttp://www.leedsforlearning.co.uk/, Services for Schoolspurple external
Fleet ServicesFleet Serviceshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/Pages/Fleet-services.aspx, Fleet Servicesgreen
Cleaning ServicesCleaning Serviceshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/our%20services/cleaning, Cleaning Services blue
City SignsCity Signshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/our%20services/city-signs, City Signsdarkgreen
PrestoPrestohttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/our%20services/presto, Prestoolive
Civic FlavourCivic Flavourhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/our%20services/civic%20flavour, Civic Flavourgold