Order a new bin

If your bin is damaged, has gone missing or you need more bin space, you can request a new bin online.


You will need to pay the applicable admin charge towards your new bin, but the bin itself is free.   

Developers, landlords and managing agents

We will tell you how much your bins will cost when you contact us. All bin types will need to be paid for.   
Bin typeAdmin charge
Black general waste bins (standard)£23.30
Black general waste bins (small)£19.47
Black hand bins for bag collections only£14.60
Brown bins*£23.30
Green recycling binFree

*Brown bins are limited to one per household. Not all households in Leeds are eligible for a brown bin. If your household is not eligible we will let you know.   

If you receive benefits

Some people who get housing benefit or universal credit can get free replacement bins. To find out if you qualify, call us on 0113 222 4406. Please have your benefits number ready.   


Lost or stolen bins

If your bin has been lost or stolen you'll need to order a new bin and pay the applicable admin charge.   

If you saw your bin fall into our wagon, contact us by email at bin.deliveries@leeds.gov.uk.   

You'll need to tell us:   

  • your name and address
  • your contact details
  • what happened

If your black or green bin is due to be emptied before your new bin arrives you can put up to four bags out instead. Keep the bags on your property and put them out by 6:30am on bin day.   

If your brown bin is due to be emptied before your new bin arrives you can take your garden waste to a household waste recycling centre free of charge. You cannot put bags of garden waste out for collection.   

Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged or has been vandalised, you will need to order a replacement online. There is an admin fee for black and brown bins. Green bin replacements are free.   

If your black or brown bin was damaged during a collection, contact us by email at bin.deliveries@leeds.gov.uk.   

You'll need to tell us:   

  • your name and address
  • your contact details
  • what happened

We'll investigate and if we're at fault, we'll order a new bin for you.   

We'll collect your damaged bin when we bring your new one. You'll need to leave it somewhere on your property that is easy for us to find and access.   

You can keeping filling your damaged bin until your new one arrives. We’ll remove the damaged bin even if it is full.   

Please make sure there are no personal items in the bin, for example parcel deliveries.    

If you've moved home recently

If you've moved into a new build or a private rented property you should have a full set of bins. If not, speak to your developer or landlord before placing an order with us. They may need to contact us at bin.deliveries@leeds.gov.uk.   

If you have moved into a property that isn't a new build, it's your responsibility to replace any damaged or missing bins and pay the applicable admin charge.    

If you have moved in to a council property in the past 28 days, please contact your housing officer to request bins.   

Too much waste for your bin

Black general waste bin

If you need more bin space, you can request another bin online. The online form will ask questions to help us decide whether you qualify for an extra bin. This includes the number of people in your house, and whether you have additional needs that mean you produce more waste.    

Black bins are limited to two per qualifying household.   

If you often have too much waste for your black bin, you might be able to recycle more of it.   

Find out what you can put in your green bin and what you can take to a recycling bank.   

Green recycling bin

Households who are committed to recycling more may be able to order a second green bin for free, without having to pay an admin charge. To request an additional green bin, email bin.deliveries@leeds.gov.uk with your name and address.   

When deciding whether to give you an extra green bin, we will consider your need and household size, and your committment to recycle more.   

Brown garden waste bin

Brown bins are limited to one per household. If you have too much garden waste for your bin, you could try home composting. Compost is excellent for your garden or house plants, and helps the environment too.   

Alternatively, you can take additional garden waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre free of charge.   

If you aren't on a brown bin route, you can book a one off garden waste collection.   

If you are eligible for a new bin, we aim to deliver it within 2 weeks.

Order a bin online External link

Builders and developers

Order bins for homes you have recently built through our bin request for new build properties form.

Delivery of bins can take up to 6 weeks.

Landlords and letting agents

It is your responsibility to ensure there is a full set of bins for your property(s) and the tenants know how to use and present them.

Order new or replacement bins by emailing bin.deliveries@leeds.gov.uk.

We will let builders, developers, landlords and letting agents know how much the bins will cost when you contact us.

Remove a bin

If you have a bin that you do not use, you can ask us to take it away. To do this, use our remove a bin form.

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.