text reads: catering Leeds, a fresh start for school meals


"We have been working with Catering Leeds as a school for many years. This year we have worked in partnership to develop a much more bespoke service than ever before to truly support our school community. We have changed menu, service style and service areas, recruited a great new leader in the kitchen and worked closely with children and parents/carers to engage them in the changes that we have made. We have had great support from the service in making real changes and our meals have never looked or tasted so good."
Kim Andrews, Deputy to Head & Chief Operations Officer - Hovingham Primary School

"Since Catering Leeds took over the running of our café at the John Charles Centre for Sport they have brought about consistency and quality. A fresh and professional establishment now sits in situ replacing the previous tired and unreliable offering that we had before. It has been a transformation with a clear business approach to the service that will have increased customer satisfaction and ultimately income. We look forward to what we can do together moving forward to improve the service we offer."
Steven Baker, Business Manager – John Charles Centre for Sport

"We returned from a private contractor over a year ago and worked with Catering Leeds to improve our service, menu and portions. With the recruitment of an excellent leader and moving to a Bronze accredited menu Cater Mark, our children are enjoying delicious meals which ensure their tummies were full of nutritious food ready for an afternoon of learning. Catering Leeds extended our service to include a healthy light meal for our afterschool club which has been very positive and they worked with our staff in achieving the Healthy Schools Award. The support we have received from our Business Builder Team and the Food Technology Team has been really effective and we are delighted with the service that we are receiving."
Deb Hillerby, Business Manager - Fieldhead Carr Primary School

"Since returning from a private contractor, we have worked with Catering Leeds, meeting regularly to review and develop the service and following an agreed plan for the year ahead. The service have been really accommodating and we have been involved with the Electronic Solution trial which has been great and helped us provide a more effective service. Our meals are great and our Catering Team Leader and on-site catering team are always really positive, ensuring that lunchtime is a lovely experience for our children and the food tastes great too."
Louise Hill, Headteacher – Grimes Dyke Primary School