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"The catering staff are enthusiastic, friendly and committed to making lunchtimes a positive experience for children in terms of both health and enjoyment. The catering staff are dedicated to improving school food for all pupils and have excellent relationships with school staff. This has a positive impact on the quality of the food served at lunchtimes."
St Paul’s Primary, Alwoodley

"An excellent service was provided at our parents evening. Super food was cooked which showcased our menus – many parents/carers commented about the high quality food – it’s convinced several families that school lunches at Austhorpe are a nutritious and delicious option. Well done ladies."
Headteacher, Austhorpe Primary

"The catering team worked incredibly hard catering for an additional 50+ meals. The genuine desire to give both children and family members a good experience with food prepared and presented to a high standard is an on-going feature of our lunchtime provision in school."
Headteacher, Summerfield Primary

"Our school is located in a deprived area of the city and our FSM eligibility is high. We were very concerned about the food that our children were eating throughout their whole day and their understanding of the importance of food for fuel as well as the impact this has both on learning and living long, healthy lives. We contacted Catering Leeds and together agreed to move to the Food for Life standards. We have now achieved silver status and have seen meal numbers doubling within school and take up at 72% an outcome which I am certain would not have been possible without the partnership we have forged with Catering Leeds."
Headteacher, Middleton Primary

"When we were lucky enough to have beautiful new school built for our community, we decided to test the market to ensure that we were getting the very best catering service; one that would be a showcase of successful provision in our wonderful new learning environment. Catering Leeds  were already our provider and they bid for the new contract. We were delighted by the passion, enthusiasm and energy demonstrated by Catering Leeds and also their dedication to making a difference that suited our individual school's community. We awarded the new contract to Catering Leeds and have been really impressed by how they have delivered exactly what they said they would. "
Headteacher, Bankside Primary School