Training and development

You can find links to organisations that provide training and development information and advice to health and care professionals working in Leeds.

If you are a member of the public who is looking for Adult Social Care support please visit our getting social care and support for adults pages.
Training slides from the latest defensible decision making and recording session External link
Training slides from the latest Mental Capacity Act and Best Interest session session External link

Training slides for DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) session External link

Resource libraries

Dementia Resource Library

Dementia Resource Library External link   

The library contains a range of short, nationally recognised best practice resources, that can be used for staff training or to support supervision and appraisal or as resources for providers developing their own training.    

The library is made up of a range of useful links, videos, and training materials covering different subject areas so that staff can focus on the topics that are most relevant to their roles and the level of involvement they have with individuals who have dementia.   

The contents of the library are based on Skills for Care's Dementia Training Standards Framework which sets out 14 subject areas to inform the knowledge and skills that staff need to support individuals with dementia.   

Please note some of the resources are produced in areas outside Leeds e.g. Norfolk and Waveney and though the vast majority of the content is fully applicable in all locations some resources may refer to services that are location specific and will not be available in Leeds.    

Also that advertisements played on YouTube links provided in this resource library are in no way endorsed or selected by Leeds City Council and do not reflect the views of the organisation.

Food safety, nutrition and hydration for adults

The Adults and Health Resource Library contains Food Safety, Nutrition and Hydration resources. In this area you will find information and links to support your training
and development.

Food Safety, Nutrition and Hydration Resource library External link   


Adult social care external learning and development training calendar - Leeds City Council

The council provides free training to people working in adult social care in Leeds on a wide range of social care topics.   

External learning and development calendar External link   

Please note that this calendar no longer displays dates. The process has been made more accessible by providing a direct link to the training course on PAL. By clicking the link you can view and book onto your preferred date depending on availability.   

As we are able to offer some classroom-based training, please be mindful that the training venue has to be well ventilated due to covid regulations and we recommend that delegates wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions.   

We want to make sure that all delegates attending classroom-based training feel safe and we are still following a robust risk assessment. We ask that delegates continue to wear face coverings whilst walking around the building unless exempt.    

To fully participate in online training and to get the most out of the webinar it is important that each delegate uses their own device e.g. laptop or tablet. We suggest that mobile phones are not used as delegates maybe limited in participating and using all the webinars functions.   

You can also request a copy of the current training calendar please with Calendar Request in the subject box   

To book training you must first register onto the Leeds city council’s performance and learning system (PAL). To register, email who will send you an external organisation set up form.   

Once registered,you can log into the Performance and Learning System (PAL)   

If you are experiencing problems with PALs, BSC Training Administration are accepting telephone bookings. Please note they can only do this for organisations that are registered and set-up to use PALs.   

Their number is 0113 378 5274.    

Leeds Health and Care Academy - learning and development opportunities

Leeds Health and Care Academy design and deliver learning and development opportunities and collaborative workforce projects for all health and care staff and organisations across the city of Leeds   

To know more about the Leeds Health and Care Academy’s general learning and development offers visit their website External link    

Printed copies of the prospectus are available and can be posted out to organisations who wish to display/share physical copies with staff.

Please direct any requests for these and any other queries about the learning and development offers to Leeds Health and Care Academy mailbox    

Leeds City Council, Adults and Health, Leadership Academy Lead to Succeed programme

Lead to Succeed   


Five one day workshops, 09.30 – 15.30, Enterprise House, Leeds.   


Leeds City Council, Adults and Health, Leadership Academy. A Skills for Care Endorsed Provider and Centre of Excellence.   

Target audience:    

The programme is aimed at aspiring managers, new managers and managers wanting to refresh and update their knowledge and skills from both internal and external adult social care and support organisations. It will be of particular interest to those organisations wanting to improve in the CQC domain of well-led. These inspiring five day workshops are designed for:   

  • Managers wishing to refresh their skills and knowledge
  • Aspiring and new managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Deputy managers
  • Senior staff.

Course overview:   

This programme will support delegates to further develop their leadership and management potential through understanding how successful behaviour and practical strategies can support them in their day to day work, as well as considering how they could implement these, now and in the future.   

The course will cover:   

The Lead to Succeed programme is delivered through five one day workshops, with each focussing on a different topic. They have been designed to empower the health and social care sector with outstanding leadership skills. The workshops are:   

  • Module 1 – Successful behaviours for leaders and managers
  • Module 2 – Developing a positive culture
  • Module 3 – Effective supervision
  • Module 4 – Leading and managing the process of change
  • Module 5 – Leading and managing the inspection process.

Following this training you will be able to:   

Lead and manage your organisation more effectively. You will have boosted you capability, knowledge, skills and confidence to ensure the smooth running of adult social care and support services.   

Course format:   

Learning will be achieved through presentations, demonstrations and exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and network with other managers from across the adult social care sector. The workshops will be participative with delegates using their current experience and knowledge to explore the course content further.   

There is no requirement for pre-course reading, but you will be expected to do some reading and research between the workshops. After each workshop you will produce and implement an action plan.   


This programme has been designed by the National Skills Academy Social Care and reviewed and updated by Skills for Care. It is designed around the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) and the specification for the Level 4 Certificate of Leadership and Management in Adult Social Care. It will enable delegates to meet some of the outcomes of the MIS and to start to build evidence to develop further for their Level 4 Certificate. Throughout the programme reference will be made to the Leadership Qualities Framework.   

This course supports:    

As above. Also, the achievement of outcomes that make up the CQC domain, Well-led.   


Normally the full recommended cost of this programme is £1,100 per person, but, as part of the Council’s commitment to the sector, we only make a charge of £500 (£600 for people not based in Leeds). Upon completion of the programme, eligible organisations can claim £500 back through the Skills for Care Workforce Development Fund via a funding partnership. We will advise how to do this.   

For programme dates and to book places please use our on-line booking system PAL,    

You can use this email address if you need any help or support to use the system   

The STEP (supporting training & education in practice) senior carers course aims to enhance collaboration between senior carers and registered nurses and provides an opportunity for professional development for carers whilst also improving efficiency, patient safety and healthcare outcomes within the care home setting.    

The course is aimed at experienced support workers employed within the care home setting looking to enhance their existing knowledge and skills.   

STEP senior carers course External link    

Wren also offer a wide range of face-to-face & virtual facilitation of clinical skills training across all healthcare settings.

Clinical Skills training External link   

Dementia Resource Library: A range of short resources that can be used for staff training or to support supervision and appraisal or as resources for providers developing their own training.

Welcome to this library of resources for staff supporting individuals with dementia to increase/refresh their knowledge and inform the ways that they provide high-quality, person-centred care.   

The library is made up of a range of useful links, videos and training courses covering different subject areas so that staff can focus on the topics that are most relevant to their roles and the level of involvement they have with individuals who have dementia.   

The contents of the library are based on Skills for Care's Dementia Training Standards Framework which sets out 14 subject areas to inform the knowledge and skills that staff need to support individuals with dementia. Please scroll through the document to access the resources linked to each standard or click the table of contents icon in the bottom right of this page to skip to a particular topic area.   

This library will be constantly updated in line with the most up-to-date resources and research available so please revisit the page regularly to access the latest content.

Dementia Resource Library External link    

Leeds Health and Care Academy: Better Conversations Skills Programme

Better Conversations is a skills programme developed in Leeds to support the health and care workforce in improving the quality of personalised care we offer.   

The workshops support you to reflect on your conversations and explore your communication in a supportive environment. It aims to enable health and care colleagues to deliver and encourage more collaborative conversations, primarily those conversations between a health and care professional and patient or service user, or when speaking to members of the public. The programme supports the workforce to think about how collaborative conversations can empower people to take ownership of their health and care.   

Better Conversations skills workshops can be accessed by anybody working in health and care in Leeds, at any level, and from any organisation   

Better conversations

Leeds Health and Care One Workforce

Leeds Health and Care One Workforce brings together partners from the NHS, local government, primary care, independent care providers, the third sector and education to support, develop and grow our city’s health and social care workforce. We have a series of Health and Wellbeing Initiatives for through 2022/23. All Health and Wellbeing initiatives are open to everyone in the Health and Care system and are fully funded. Please ask about smaller organisation backfill funding support.   

Mental health and wellbeing training and support booklet External link    

Smiling for life - Oral health training for care homes

The Bradford Community Dental Service’s Oral Health Improvement team is delighted to invite you to take part in the FREE Smiling for life, oral health training for care home staff. This training is being offered to care homes within West Yorkshire.   

Smiling for life programme   

Mouth care is a CQC requirement that must be carried out in care homes. To support care homes meeting the requirements the Smiling for life training programme will:   

Provide each nominated Oral Health Champion (preferably care home manager or deputy) with training resources and knowledge to cascade the training to their colleagues and help to implement national guidance to meet CQC requirements.   

If you would like to take part in our free training Oral Health programme, please email:   

Society of tissue viability - skin care champions training

Training is delivered online, making it convenient for participants and cost-effective for care home and agencies. Members of the Skin Care Champions Programme get access to our clinicians and educators’ expertise, thoughts and ideas. All the educational material is evidence based, free of any product bias or promotion, and of the highest quality.   

Interested in joining the programme? External link    

Eating and drinking with care - care home manager training

The Leeds Community Healthcare Speech and Swallowing team and community dietitians offer training relevant to CQC essential standards of quality and safety: Outcome 5 (meeting nutritional needs). A model of best practice of caring for residents with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties, working together with local dietetic and SLT services.   

The training is aimed at managers and deputy managers. The member of staff who attends should be in a position to review and implement changes in practice across the care home.   

Phone: 0113 843 0890   


Care home hydration collaborative training

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust infection prevention and control team have set up the care home hydration collaborative training sessions which gives you the tools and knowledge to create effective changes to your home using PDSA project cycles. This training is for anyone who works in a care home and wants to increase hydration, reduce UTI's, E. coli Bacteraemia and falls.   

You can book a place on the Leeds Community Healthcare NHS trust Eventrbrite page.   

React to Red pressure ulcer prevention programme

React to Red is a pressure ulcer prevention training programme for care homes and other care providers, This training resource consists of six parts with accompanying documents to view or download.    

Resources can be found at React to Red's website.   

Public Health training

If you have an interest in health and wellbeing and would like to learn more about the current issues and priorities, or want to develop your existing skills, Leeds City Council’s public health team offer a range of public-health-training training and learning opportunities. Courses include topics such as improving nutritional care for older people.

Advocacy training

Advonet offer the following training to workers or volunteers in organisations who could use advocacy and negotiating skills in their work.    

  • Introduction to advocacy – a half-day advocacy introduction
  • Effective advocacy and negotiation skills – a full-day course covering the skills needed when providing advocacy
  • Introduction to advocacy specialisms – a full-day course going over the different areas of advocacy, such as IMHA, IMCA and health complaints advocacy

Digital skills

The Leeds 100% Digital Team are working closely with the Good Things Foundation to boost digital skills across the city. One aspect of this is an eLearning package, Learn My Way, which people can access via Learn My Way External link.    

This covers a number of basic digital skills through online learning:   

  • using your computer or device: Learn about using a computer or mobile device such as a phone or tablet
  • online basics: How to search and explore the internet, keep in touch with email, and use public services online - all while being safe and secure
  • more internet skills: This subject is designed to make sure people are confident with everything they might need to do on the internet, including online shopping and social media
  • finding a job online: How to search for and apply for jobs online, including information about the National Careers Service and preparing for interviews
  • improving your health online: Including GP services online and NHS Choices
  • managing your money online: Budgeting, banking and shopping online in a safe and easy way
  • public services online: Local and national government websites, including a guide to Universal Credit


The Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy brochure 2024/25 External link

The council recognises that a well-led and well-managed workforce is at the heart of providing high quality social care and support.   

We have developed the Leadership Academy to support and develop leaders and managers across adult social care, improving their confidence and capability to ensure the teams they lead are better able to provide high quality care.   

If you are a leader or manager in social care and wish to develop your skills, or are an aspiring manager taking your first steps into leadership take a look at what the Leadership Academy can offer you.   

Skills for care produce a code of conduct for workers that outlines the standards expected at work Code of Conduct.    

They also provide guidance for employers as to what they should be providing to staff especially around support to support workers to meet the code of conduct. This provides clarity around the roles and responsibilities of workers and employers and provides a framework within which support to meet code of conduct can be provided.   

We Care Academy

The award winning We Care Academy is a robust values based recruitment initiative supporting a workforce with the right values, attitudes and behaviours to sustain and grow your business. At no cost to employers, we identify, recruit and train candidates for that first role in social care. This includes:   

  • A portable DBS
  • Completed work history and references
  • Sector relevant training for candidates, 2 days face to face and 8 e-learning modules

We ask employers for shadowing opportunities for candidates with a guaranteed job interview at the end. Dedicated council staff support you and the candidate throughout the programme.   

For more information please contact We Care Academy on to find out how we can support your recruitment needs.   

Useful resources

Safeguarding Adults Learning and Development Strategy 2021–2023

I am really pleased to send out this Adult Safeguarding Learning and Development Strategy which will guide the delivery of effective safeguarding training between 2021 and 2023.   

It has been produced in coproduction with partners and staff and sets the framework for the expectations that the LSAB and LCC has of levels and frequency of training on the most important issue of safeguarding. The plan is designed to equip you with the correct level of training for the roles that you undertake, with a view to ensuring that our services are responsive, effective and safe. It also gives a lot of really important information that frames our City’s commitment to safeguarding.   

Shona McFarlane, Deputy Director, Adults and Health, Leeds City Council.    

Adult Safeguarding Learning and Development Strategy External link