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Flood Advice

What to do in the event of a flood
If you are looking for information about an ongoing or potential flooding incident in the Leeds City Council district area, details will be on the website, including the homepage. Also check @LeedsEmergency and @LeedsCC_news​ twitter feeds, or call the Environment Agency Floodline Service on 0345 988 1188

This page offers guidance to residents on how to prepare themselves and become more resilient to flooding incidents when they do occur. The documents and external links sections on this page also offer vital advice and practical ways to protect yourself and your property.

Blocked drains or gullies

​​For further information about blocked drains and gullies please use the link below

Drains and gullies

Preparing for flooding

Important steps residents can take include:
-signing up to Flood Alerts via the Environment Agency
-completing Household and Community Flood Action Plans
-pre-purchasing Flood Prevention Systems or Sandbags
Youtube link to Floods Destroy: Think don't sink video​

Youtube link to Community Flood Plans video

Sign up for flood warnings

Household and community flood plans

Key contacts during a flooding incident

In an emergency, we can be contacted on evenings and weekends on 0113 376 0499. Remember, if your life is in danger call 999.

If you are aware of the source of the flooding, check below for the correct agency speak to. If unsure call us on 0113 222 4407 during office hours. 

For issues relating to main river flooding and general flooding advice please contact the Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188. Type talk (for the heard of hearing) 0345 602 6340

For ordinary watercourses and culverted (i.e. piped) watercourse flooding- please contact Leeds City Council Flood Risk Management 0113 395 0298.

For clean water mains supply, or issues with public sewers, contact Yorkshire Water 0345 124 2424.

For private sewers and drains, and for flooding in cellars, please contact Leeds City Council, Environmental Health 0113 222 4406.

For water runoff from the Highway, please contact Leeds City Council, Highway Services 0113 222 4407 during office hours

For floodwater run-off from higher land and for waterlogged gardens, please contact the individual land owner.


We have no statutory duty to provide sandbags, but where possible will try and assist residents in imminent danger of flooding.

The Leeds City Council Sandbag Policy can be seen in the documents section on this page.

Efforts to distribute sandbags during an incident can often be hampered by the weather conditions. We therefore advise residents in flood risk areas to make their own sandbag provisions prior to an incident, or look into other property flood protection systems, rather than rely on the council to provide sandbags during a flood.

Sandbags can be purchased in advance, often from builders merchants. Other vendors can be found via simple internet searches for suppliers in the area.

Suppliers around Leeds Include:
Slingsby - 0800 294 4440 
ASPLI - 0113 2461 550 
Mudfords - 0114 243 3033 
Floodsax - office: 01484 641009, mobile: 07831 598999

Youtube link to How to sandbag your property video

Safety advice during a flood

Visit our homepage and the government flooding website​ and check the @LeedsEmergency​ and @LeedsCC_News.

Alternatively call the floodline on 0345 988 1188 for advice.

Check BBC Radio Leeds on FM 92.4 and 95.3 MHz, MW 774 kHz and DAB or Radio Aire on FM 96.3MHz and DAB.

Call 999 if your safety is at risk. ​

Safety Advice if you stay in your home during a flood
Move yourself, your family, important items and documents upstairs.

Turn off the electric and water supplies in your house if safe to do so.

Avoid contact with flood water, it is likely to be contaminated or contain sewage.

Safety Advice if you leave your home during a flood
Do not attempt to walk or drive through floodwater, only leave your property if it safe to do so.

Turn off the electric and water supplies in your house if safe to do so.

What if I have nowhere to go?
If you need to evacuate your property because of flooding or any other emergency event and do not have any family or friends who live locally, we are responsible for finding an immediate place of safety (for up to 24 hours).

Please call us on 0113 222 4407 during office hours or 0113 376 0499 on evenings and weekends and the council will inform you about the temporary accommodation arrangements in place. ​​​​

Leeds City Council emergency flood plans

In major flood incidents, the priorities of the Council and its partners are:
- to provide material and technical support to the emergency services and Environment Agency in their immediate responses
- to provide welfare support for people evacuated or stranded in homes
- to co-ordinate a recovery process to help smooth a return to normality

We have developed a number of emergency plans for flooding. There is a generic Flooding Plan suitable for all types of flooding, but other plans have been developed with partners to address specific known flood risks such as the River Aire in Central Leeds, and the River Wharfe at Otley.

The Council is working with community groups to develop local flooding plans which can be implemented quickly by local residents to address flooding when it happens, rather than after emergency responders arrive.

More information on the longer term Flood Risk Management Strategy can be found using the link below. 

Leeds is home to two reservoirs that have been identified to require specific contingency planning in case of inundation. Advice to residents who live near Yeadon Tarn or Waterloo Lake (Roundhay Park) can be found in the documents section on this page.

More general information regarding flooding and preparing for emergencies in Leeds can be found in the Emergency Planning Information Brochure in the documents section.

Flood Risk Management Strategy

Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme

Details of the flood defence scheme taking place along the River Aire can be found using the link below.

Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme

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