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Testimonials from people helped by StepChange...

“Thanks for helping me keep my home and my happiness. Without your help I would not have known my options. Now I can feel confident about the future.” - Karl, Leeds

"StepChange really helped me to see some light at the end of the tunnel after struggling with debts and bad health for quite considerable time.” - Douglas, Dorset

Debt Awareness Week Jan 26th - Feb 1st

Take control of your finances with a new 7-day email programme of support and practical advice. If you feel like your finances are unmanageable, it can make the prospect of dealing with your debt daunting. But you can take control of your finances again, with StepChange's 7 Days, 7 Ways email programme.

What is 7 Days, 7 Ways?
Each day for a week StepChange, a national debt charity will send you an email linking to practical advice to help you with your finances. They'll talk through a wealth of different subjects, including working out what you owe, which payments are priorities, and how they can help you put together a long-term action plan. Written by expert debt advisors, the programme is the perfect starting point in dealing with your debt. For more information or sign up to the programme visit their website, 


Latest news..

The energy bills of the poorest 10% of households have risen almost twice as much as those for others since 2010, according to research by the House of Commons Library.

Citizens Advice has secured a £6m boost for vulnerable pre-payment meter customers.  British Gas, EDF, E.on, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE have committed the money, which comes from pre-payment meter top-up which never reached suppliers, to be put towards helping struggling customers.