Kirkstall St Stephen's Church of England Primary SchoolMorris Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3JD 382 1960Phil Sheppard
Primary4 to 11Voluntary aided schoolChurch of EnglandNot applicableFEEE offered at privately run nursery on school site, school out of school clubNorth WestSeptember 2024 to July 202530
<p>1. Looked after and previously looked after children (evidence required). </p><p>2. Children who have a brother or sister attending our school (conditions apply). </p><p>3.Faith based applications. Up to 50% of the remaining available places will be allocated to children who worship and regularly attend a religious organisation according to the following criteria: </p><p>3.1 Children whose parents/carer have worshipped regularly at the church of Kirkstall St Stephen’s or St Mary’s Church, Hawksworth Wood for two years immediately preceding the application (conditions apply and evidence required). </p><p>3.2 Children whose parent/carer have worshipped regularly at another Christian Church for two years preceding the date of application (conditions apply and evidence required).
</p><p>4. Community Places. Children who do not fall into any of the above priorities. The remaining places will be allocated on the following criteria: </p><p>4.1 Children living within the parish boundaries of Kirkstall St Stephen’s and St Mary’s Hawksworth Wood. </p><p>4. 2 Any other children</p>
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<p>Offer day 2023</p>
<p>Priority 2 - Sibling: 11</p>
<p>Priority 3.2 - 50% Faith: 6</p>
<p>Priority 4.1 - 50% Community: 13</p>
Criteria 3 = All applicants admitted & Criteria 4.1 = 0.533 & 4.1Criteria 3 = Faith & 4.1 = In the parishCriteria 3 = all applicants admitted & Criteria 4.1 = 0.6633 & 4.150% Faith (3) & 50% Community (4.1 in catchment)Criteria 3 = all applicants admitted & Criteria 4.1 = 1.0933 & 4.150% Faith (3) & 50% Community (4.1 in catchment)3020182314105YesNoYesYesYesYes