Allerton Bywater Primary SchoolLeeds Road, Allerton Bywater, Castleford, WF10 2DR 752 2620Vivian Smithies
Primary3 to 11Academy converterNot applicableNot applicableBreakfast club, FEEE offered, Private out of school clubEastSeptember 2024 to July 202560
<p>1a.  Looked after and previously looked after children (evidence required).  </p><p>2. Children with exceptional social or medical needs that can only be met at our school (conditions apply & evidence required). </p><p>3. Children with a brother or sister attending our school (conditions apply).</p><p>4. Children eligible on 28th February 2024 for the Early Years Pupil Premium who are attending the school nursery at the time of application or children who are eligible on 28th February 2024 for the Free School Meals Pupil Premium. This priority does not include children who have only been eligible to receive Universal Infant Free School Meals.  A total of 6 pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals Pupil Premium or Early Years Pupil Premium will be admitted under this priority (evidence required & conditions apply).</p><p>5. Any other children wishing to gain a place at Allerton Bywater Primary School, prioritised by straight line distance.</p>

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<p>Offer day 2023</p>
<p>All applicants admitted</p>
All applicants admittedAll applicants admittedAll applicants admitted532812510108NoYesYesYesNoYes