Bramhope Primary SchoolTredgold Crescent, Bramhope, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 9BR 267 1222Rachel Colbourn
Primary4 to 11Academy converterNot applicableNot applicableFEEE offered at privately run nursery on school site, private out of school clubNorth WestSeptember 2024 to July 202560
<p>1a. Looked after and previously looked after children (evidence required).</p><p>1b. Pupils without an EHC plan but who have Special Educational Needs, or exceptional medical or mobility needs, that can only be met at Bramhope Primary School (conditions apply and evidence required)</p><p>2. Children with older brothers or sisters who will be attending Bramhope Primary School at the start of the 2024/25 academic year and are living at the same address (conditions apply).</p><p>3. Applicants who live in the defined catchment priority area for the school. The map showing the defined catchment priority area for Bramhope Primary School is shown at the end of the admissions policy in Appendix 1. </p><p>4. All other applicants </p>
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<p>Offer day 2023</p>
<p>Priority 1a - CLA: 2</p>
<p>Priority 2 - Sibling: 28</p>
<p>Priority 3 - In-Catchment: 28</p>
<p>Priority 4 - Distance: 2</p>
1.1374Any Other Children1.3514Any Other ChildrenAll applicants admitted (school admitted more pupils than its Published Admission Number)7735352012179YesNoNoYesYesNo