Our Learning Programme

What kind of themes do our workshops and learning activities explore?

When Leeds Art Gallery opened, the people of Leeds made a brave decision: the city would only collect contemporary art. Now, it’s just that the ‘new’ art grew old.

We pose questions such as: What does a colour taste like? What conversation is going on there? Can anyone be an artist?

The Take One Picture Project

Artworks and objects from Leeds Art Gallery were used as inspirations for Key Stage 2 pupils to create their own largescale works, which were later exhibited.

“I learnt a picture tells a story if you look closely”, KS2 pupil.



Yorkshire Sculpture International Yorkshire Sculpture International <div class="ExternalClassED5A05F0C8284C2A933CB71CCA9FBAAF"><p>​The Year of Sculpture: a unique, two day trip to enhance and support all primary and secondary teaching. A two day offer for schools to visit The Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds Art Gallery and Henry Moore Institute. Book your visit from September 2018 – June 2019!</p><p><strong>Day 1</strong></p><p>Delve into the question of what makes a great sculptor.<br></p><p>10 – 11:30am Facilitated workshop at the Henry Moore Institute</p><p>11:30-12pm Picnic space at Leeds Art Gallery (please bring a packed lunch)<br></p><p>12 – 2pm Facilitated workshop at Leeds Art Gallery<br></p><p> </p><p><strong>Day 2</strong></p><p>Learn about British artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.</p><p>10 – 11:30am Artist-led workshop at The Hepworth Wakefield</p><p>11:30 – 12pm Indoor picnic space at The Hepworth Wakefield (please bring a packed lunch)</p><p>12-12:30pm Travel to Yorkshire Sculpture park (please note you will need to book and pay for travel, as this is not included in the price).</p><p>12:30 – 2pm Artist-led workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park</p><p> </p><p><strong>Cost</strong></p><p>£375 for the whole experience. The two days do not have to be consecutive, and can take place across the academic year. <br></p><p>To book, email <a href="mailto:learn@yorkshire-sculpture.org">learn@yorkshire-sculpture.org</a>. For more information about the project, please contact <a href="mailto:Amanda.Phillips@leeds.gov.uk">Amanda.Phillips@leeds.gov.uk</a>. <br></p><p><br></p></div>
Free resourcesFree resources<div class="ExternalClassE8B935B7FA974FBBB4A9E9E4401B2B22"><p>​Download a selection of free resources created by our Learning and Access officer.</p> <ul><li><a href="/museumsandgalleries/Release%20Documents/LAG%20Learning%20Pack%20KS1and2.pdf">Key Stage 1-2 resources </a>(Download PDF)</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul><li><a href="/museumsandgalleries/Release%20Documents/LAG%20Learning%20Pack%20KS3and4.pdf">Key Stage 3-4 resources</a> (Download PDF)</li></ul> <p><br></p> <ul><li>Usi<a href="/museumsandgalleries/Release%20Documents/LAG_Using%20Contemporary%20Art.pdf">ng Contemporary Art in the Leeds Art Gallery Collection</a> (Download PDF)</li></ul></div>
Work with local artistshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries/Release%20Documents/LAG_ARTeam%20Service.pdf, Download information about the ARTeam (PDF)Work with local artists<div class="ExternalClassD169403EFAA84474B1BD6E01E8775AEB"><p>​Want to work with an artist? Then call in the ARTeam! </p> <p>Art doesn’t just have to be in a Gallery! Our ARTeam includes 17 local, practising artists who work in a variety of disciplines with different audiences across many settings. They can link to the Arts Award. </p> <p>Download our PDF below or contact the Learning and Access Officer for more information.</p></div>
Workshops for Schools and GroupsWorkshops for Schools and Groups<div class="ExternalClass0AFD24B596284D82936D09DFEE780913"><p><strong>We can book in-gallery workshops from 2017 onwards or discuss 2016 outreach options. Please contact the Learning and Access Officer for further details.</strong></p> <p><strong>Schools Workshops:</strong></p> <p>At Leeds Art Gallery, we have 2-4 hour, curriculum-based workshops for primary and secondary schools focusing on creative experimentation, ‘reading’ art, and artistic skills development - explore the workshops on offer. </p> <p>We also work closely with under fives groups, adults and groups with special educational needs. Just let us know if your group may need more support and we’ll tailor your visit to suit.</p> <p><strong>Group Workshops:<br></strong><br>Leeds Art Gallery has two creative spaces for use by groups: the studio (upstairs) and Artspace (level access). Both also act as lunch spaces for groups booked into workshops. <br><br>We provide all workshop materials and try to use things that people don’t have at home, or looking at things in different light (have you ever painted with jelly?). <br><br><br>We recommend you come and meet us for a pre-visit where we can tailor workshops and resources to suit your group and complete your risk assessment. </p></div>
Arts Award Explore for SEND learners Arts Award Explore for SEND learners <div class="ExternalClassC384F369AC294305A892751BA473AC8B"><p>Try out the innovative multisensory ideas in our exciting Leeds Art Gallery ‘Explore’ book. </p> <p>It will guide you through Arts Award, show you different ways to experience the Gallery, encourage you and your students to explore the building and its artworks from different perspectives. </p> <p>Come along - feel inspired, discover, explore, create! The visits are suitable for all SEN(D) needs and learning styles, for many different groups and individuals within all key stages.</p></div>
Contact the Learning and Access OfficerContact the Learning and Access Officer<div class="ExternalClass59191829E36644D0BCE61589B6132CA7"><p>​Please contact Amanda Phillips, Learning and Access Officer at Leeds Art Gallery, for more information.</p> <p>By telephone: <span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>0113 378 8880<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></p> <p>By email: <a href="mailto:Amanda1.Phillips@leeds.gov.uk">Amanda1.Phillips@leeds.gov.uk</a></p></div>