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Find important information on window safety, repairs, maintenance and cleaning for your home.

It is important to understand the dangers associated with opening windows, and the risk of people falling from them if window safety devices are not used correctly and if there are not good safety regimes in place in the home. The risks increase significantly when there are young children in the home.

You should familiarise yourself with how the windows in your home work, and in particular the safety devices that are installed.

Report concerns or repairs

If you don't understand how the window safety devices work, or if you have any concerns about window safety in your home then please tell us on 0800 188 4000.

If you need to report a repair to your windows, or you don't think the safety devices are working properly then call us immediately on 0800 188 4000.

Window restrictors

Window restrictors are a safety device that prevents the window from opening further than 10cm (4 inches) without being manually released.

Most homes over two storeys have window restrictors fitted to opening windows. All high-rise flats over two storeys above ground floor level have restrictors fitted. When opening windows to ventilate your home, always make sure the window restrictor is in place and that it is secure. This will prevent accidental falls and could save lives.

If you have to open the window wider than the restricted position, to ventilate a room or clean the windows, then always re-engage the restrictors as soon as you have finished and check they are back in position. If you have key lockable handles then always lock them using the key when the window is closed.

Never paint over UPVC windows, in particular the handles, hinges and restrictors, as this can prevent them working properly.

Check the restrictors regularly and report any defects to us immediately on 0800 188 4000.

Keeping children safe

If young children are living in your home, or visiting, it is important that you:

  • never leave them unsupervised in rooms with open windows
  • keep reminding yourself and others in the home about the dangers of open windows
  • talk to other householders, older children and visitors about window safety and agree how you will keep young children safe
  • always keep windows closed using the handle and if you have key locks then use them to lock off windows
  • remove the keys and keep them away from the reach of children, but somewhere nearby in case you need them in an emergency
  • think about where beds and other furniture is placed and try and avoid putting them beneath opening windows. If this isn't possible then you need to be even more careful and make sure windows are kept locked and restrictors are always engaged.
  • avoid putting toys, or other objects which can entice children, near to window openings

If you need to open windows to ventilate rooms then use windows which are out of reach of children, and double check that window restrictors are in place and working,

Safe window cleaning

To prevent accidents when cleaning windows:

  • stand firmly on the floor and never stand on a chair or stepladder
  • don’t overreach or lean out of the window. Always keep two feet on the floor if you can, or get someone to help you
  • don’t lean against the glass
  • never sit or stand on the window cill or bottom ledge

If your window is designed to reverse inwards to allow cleaning the outside pane from inside your home, then make sure it is firmly in position before you clean it and always re-engage the window restrictors afterwards.

High-rise residents only

You can find more window safety information specific to the windows in your flat, and other important safety information about your flat and block by signing into the My High-Rise Building Safety hub.

Saville Green, Appleton Close, Appleton Court and Appleton Square residents only

Important information if you live in the end flats in these blocks, at the following flat numbers:

  • 18, 19
  • 24, 25
  • 30, 31, 36, 37
  • 42, 43, 48, 49
  • 54, 55
  • 60, 61

Do not try to lean out of your bedroom windows to clean them.

These windows are cleaned by the council's window cleaning contractor.

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