Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Living safely with COVID-19

The government has removed coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and issued guidance on reducing the risk of infection for yourself and other people.

You can find government guidance on:


The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. They give you the best protection against COVID-19. Find out your eligibility and how to get:


You are no longer advised to test routinely for COVID-19, so the provision of free tests has stopped. Limited testing continues only for vulnerable individuals and in high-risk settings.

You could need to test if you:

  • have a health condition which means you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments
  • work in healthcare or adult social care, depending on your role and whether you have symptoms
  • are going into hospital for certain types of treatment

Find out who can get a free NHS test External link.

COVID-19 cases in Leeds

For local COVID-19 data, visit 'Cases in Leeds' on GOV.UK.

Leeds outbreak plan

Find our plan on how we are managing COVID-19 in Leeds.