Leeds in Bloom

Leeds in Bloom encourages residents and businesses to work in partnership to decorate their homes or premises with flowers and make Leeds look more attractive.

Leeds in Bloom

All competitions are currently suspended until further notice.


Everyone can get involved with competitions. 

Private gardens competition

Do you have a garden or a floral display that really makes you proud? If so, this fun, free and rewarding competition is for you.

Whether you have a large garden, a small plot or a container display, you are welcome to take part. Join in and help make Leeds a beautiful place to be.

Gardens are judged in July with gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to the best displays. We judge against a standard so all entries have an equal chance at a medal. All medal winners receive horticultural gift vouchers too.

Entries will be marked on some or all of the following criteria:     

  • health, vigour and suitability of plants used
  • suitability of the garden or display's design for its location and size
  • maintenance of paths, structures, lawns, patios, walls and fence
  • standard of cultivation and freedom from perennial weeds
  • harmonious blending of colours shapes and textures
  • potential for long–term display
  • initial impact of colour and textures
  • presentation, balance and symmetry of display
  • wildlife and environmental considerations

Business and communities competition

Our free competition for business and community gardens runs every spring and summer. We encourage businesses and community groups - large or small - to complement our efforts by creating their own floral displays.     

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies to be won. Spring displays are judged in April, and summer displays are judged in July.     


Categories to enter include:     

  • public house
  • restaurant, cafe or licensed premises (other than a pub)
  • hotel
  • small offices or business premises
  • large offices or business premises
  • small retail premises
  • large retail premises
  • large business or retail park
  • school or youth group garden
  • community or club garden
  • Church or place of worship garden

Judging criteria

Here are some of the points that the judge will look at with your display:     

  • the variety of plants and containers chosen
  • the amount of colour and visual impact
  • the arrangement of the chosen plants
  • maintenance including weeding, watering, feeding, deadheading and pruning where required
  • health and vigour of plants
  • the quality of lawns, ornamental trees and shrub beds displayed
  • the appearance of the entrance, grounds and car parks (where relevant), especially the absence of litter, cigarette butts, graffiti and chewing gum
  • efforts to overcome environmental difficulties including irrigation pipes and plant choice
  • promotion of wildlife, recycling and composting

For higher marks, the overall composition of the display will be assessed in terms of:     

  • the effect of the display by its proportion to the premises
  • whether the majority of potential display space is utilised
  • the type of display chosen and its contribution to the local environment
  • any community involvement

Flowerbed competition

Each spring we ask local children to dream up designs for flowerbeds and edible beds in prominent locations in Leeds City Centre.

Winning designs are translated into planting schemes and the people of Leeds see them bloom over the summer months.     

Winners receive individual prizes plus Arium gift vouchers for their school at an award ceremony with the Lord Mayor of Leeds.     

2018 competition winner Brian Massamba with Lord Mayor Graham Latty and Councillor Angela Gabriel
2018 winner Brian Massamba with Lord Mayor Graham Latty and Councillor Angela Gabriel

Promoted by our Parks and Countryside Service in association with Leeds Floral Initiative and Evans Property Group Leeds, this popular competition aims to encourage young people to be more aware of their environment and the horticultural features within it.

Leeds in Bloom reserves the right to display or reproduce any of the designs without seeking the individual’s permission.​     

In Bloom Groups

There are over 50 local in Bloom groups across Leeds. These volunteers take pride in where they live. They enhance the area, raising funds for flower displays, creating and maintaining flower beds and litter picking.

To see if there is a ​local group near you or to establish one in your area, please email countrysiderangers@leeds.gov.uk.​​​​

The Arium - Supporting community groups

The Arium supports many community groups across the city with their gardening needs. Not only do we heavily support Leeds in Bloom, but also Yorkshire and Britain in Bloom too.

Leeds has loads of In Bloom groups ranging from small close knit communities to very large groups - many of whom have enjoyed success both locally and nationally. The Arium is proud to work with these groups each year. They make the city a greener place to work and live.​

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