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Kirkstall recycling site is being refurbished

Householders will be unable to use Kirkstall recycling site from 4 January 2016 for approximately 12 months while it is refurbished. Trade and business waste facilities will remain open.

Recycling sites

General information

Click to expandOpening times

The sites are open 7 days a week and only close on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.  ​​Please see the individual recycling site page for the exact opening times.​

Click to expandBottle banks and bring sites

These are smaller recycling sites which you'll find in supermarkets or pub car parks. Depending on the site, you can recycle a variety of things including paper, glass, clothing, food/drink cans and plastic bottles.

Please telephone or text 07891 277 226 to report an untidy site or overflowing bank. Please include the street name that the bring site is closest to.


You can find your closest recycling bring site by using our Where I Live app.​

Where I live

Click to expandChanges to can and plastic recycling

The way we collect cans and plastic is changing. We’re encouraging residents to use green bins or communal facilities to recycle these materials. As such you’ll no longer be able to take them to the sites below. The Household Waste Recycling Sites can still accept cans and other metals through the scrap metal containers. These changes will help us reduce unnecessary collections, financial costs and emissions.​

Ellar Ghyll Household Waste Site ASDA Killingbeck
Milner Road Household Waste Site Sainsbury's Colton
Kirkstall Road Household Waste Site ASDA Holt Park
East Leeds Household Waste Site Morrison's Kirkstall
Pudsey Grangefield Household Waste Site Morrison's Rothwell
Holmewell Road Household Waste Site Tesco Seacroft
Morrison's Morley

Click to expandCinder Lane Household Waste Site closure

From March 2015 you will no longer be able to use Cinder Lane waste site in Castleford. Operators of the site, Wakefield City Council, have notified us of their intention to close the site.

New arrangements mean that you will not be able to use other waste sites outside Leeds. If you are affected by these changes you can use the following alternative facilities:

Middleton - Holmewell Road, LS10 4TQ

Seacroft - Limewood Road, LS14 1LU

There are eight recycling sites throughout the city where you can reuse, recycle or throw away your household waste.


Click to expandUsing commercial vehicles at our sites

If you have a commercial type vehicle, such as a van or a four wheel drive pick-up, or use a trailer to take your household waste to the recycling sites, you will need a separate commercial permit. Click on the Order a recycling site permit option in Top Tasks, or below, for more information.​

Order a recycling site permit

Click to expandPedestrian access

We do not permit residents to access our household waste sites on foot. The sites are designed for vehicular delivery of materials that residents cannot recycle or dispose of through their existing kerbside collection due to size/material type. At busy times, the amount of cars and skip vehicles coming in and out of the site can be potentially hazardous to both residents and staff, so we need to be mindful of this.

This rationale also supports our activities to eliminate illegal trade waste which has been a regular problem at some sites in the past.

We provide a series of bring sites for residents to recycle materials, including glass, textiles and small electricals; which are easily accessible on foot in the local community.

Find your nearest bring site by using the 'Where I live' tool and selecting your address from the list that will appear.​

Link to 'Where I live' tool

Click to expandWhy do I have to take my rubbish to the Recycling Site?

We provide recycling sites so that you can recycle and get rid of your surplus waste that might not fit in your wheelie bin. To save time it's worth sorting your recyclables and waste before visiting the site.​

Click to expandWhat if I don't know where to put things?

The site staff will be able to advise you about what can be recycled and where to put things. If you have any queries just ask them and they will be happy to help.

Click to expandI would like to volunteer to help at the Revive Leeds shop, how do I do this?

Please contact Revive Leeds direct at the shop on 0113 2731791.​​