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Book an unwanted items collection

Booking a collection

If you cannot remove your items through donating and are prepared to wait for up to 6 weeks, we offer a limited service to remove items from homes. You can have 3 collections in a 12 month period.

Please see the items we can and cannot collect using the lists below.

You can book your collection online. If there are no slots available then you will need to try again in a few days’ time or dispose of the items yourself. Please don't call us as we can only see the same appointments as you.​

Preparing for your collection

  • Items must be left outside and where there is more than one item, they should be left together
  • Items must be on our list of permitted items
  • The items must be made safe
  • Items must be dry i.e covered with waterproof sheeting if they are fabric or made of a material that could absorb water

Amending or cancelling your collection

If you have already made a booking and would like to check when it is, amend it, or cancel it then please follow the instructions on the Amending or cancelling your unwanted items collection page.

Missed collections

Please leave your item(s) outside for collection for a further 48 hours if it is not collected on the booked date. Please ensure that your item/s are left in the exact location given during your booking.

The crew will not collect your items if you haven't followed the rules (listed below). If this is the case, you will need to re-book. However, if you have followed the rules and the collection has failed then please contact us after the further 48 hours have passed.

For more details on the service provided and items that we don't collect please see the following sections:​​​​​​​​​

Click to expandItems we will collect

Carpets and underlay: Carpets and underlay must be kept dry and, if possible, folded or rolled into manageable pieces for easier carrying. Please ensure the carpet is separated from the underlay. No loose pieces of carpet will be collected. 

Doors: All internal and external doors (Excluding UPVC) will be collected. Any glass panels must be removed and made safe by taping.

Furniture: Chairs, sofas, tables, dismantled wardrobes, sideboards, bed bases, mattresses etc. Any drawers should be left intact. Glass panels should be removed and made safe. Water butts and compost bins must be empty. Dismantled furniture will be counted by the number of its components, eg wardrobe door is one item, wardrobe back is one item and so on.

All items must be dismantled prior to collection. Each part of the dismantled object will be classed as one item. For example, a bed will consist of four items: bed frame, slats, mattress and headboard.​

Electrical equipment: TVs, microwaves, lawn mowers, sun beds (UV tubes removed) etc. Loose doors, cables or wires should be taped or tied to the item.

White goods: Fridges (including American fridges that do not exceed 6' x 4'), freezers, cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers dish washers. Any doors or locks on air tight fridges must be removed. All food must be removed. Loose doors, cables and wires must taped or tied to the item. The service will only collect items that can be safely handled by 2 people. 

Garden waste: ​The service will not collect garden waste if you have access to brown (garden waste) bin collections. Up to four bags of double bagged waste that would usually go in a brown bin e.g. grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves, dead plants, weeds, windfall fruit, twigs and small branches. Small branches must be no more than 3cm in diameter.
Wood and Branches: Wood and branches must be bundled up into manageable amounts. Please make sure that nails and screws are removed. Fence panels larger than 2 metres by 1.3 metres cannot be collected. Each fence panel and each fence post will be classed as one item. Please identify where the wood has come from and check this against the list of items we do not collect. We do not collect wood from broken up pallets or garden sheds. We will not collect wood and branches small enough to be recycled in your brown bin where this service is provided.​​​​​​

Click to expandItems we don't collect

​Bathroom suites including sinks, baths and toilets

Boilers/storage heaters and radiators

Building material including rubble

Car parts including batteries and tyres

Fluorescent light tubes

Garage doors


Gas bottles

Hazardous materials - chemicals, paint, asbestos

General unbagged waste


Kitchen units - sinks, worktops, cupboards



Tree trunks

Window frames

Patio doors/windows

UPVC doors/windows

Glass topped furniture unless the glass has been removed and made safe.

Wooden pallets

Garden waste if you have access to a brown garden waste bin

General household waste that would normally be taken as part of your kerbside collections

You can still dispose of all the above items at any recycling site with the exception of asbestos and gas bottles. Gas bottles are not accepted. You can find out how to dispose of them properly on the A-Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal page. Asbestos is only accepted by Kirkstall recycling site by appointment only. Please call 0113 214 3639 for information and charges.​​​​​

Click to expandThe rules for collection

​A collection can be for up to 4 items or 4 bags of garden waste. Bags must be double bagged and be same type of waste that would normally go in a brown bin.

If you are on a garden waste collection route, you cannot book a collection to remove garden waste.

Do not add any items that we are not aware of as they will not be collected.

Items that will absorb water need to be covered and kept dry so they don't get too heavy to collect - e.g. upholstered items, sofas, mattresses, bed bases, carpets.

Carpets - must be rolled up and taped or bagged. Each roll or bag counts as one item. No loose carpet pieces will be accepted.

Items must not be contaminated with any other items such as loose or wet waste.

Wardrobes or loose wood should be dismantled with no nails sticking out. Loose wood including large twigs or branches should be secured in manageable sized bundles.

Any glass should be removed. If this is not possible then it must be made safe with electrical tape or similar.

Mirrors or items containing mirrors will not be collected eg Wardrobe with mirror attached.

All items must be dismantled prior to collection. Each part of the dismantled object will be classed as one item. For example, a bed will consist of four items: bed frame, slats, mattress and headboard.

Items should not exceed 6' x 4' in size.

Any bags must be the same size as black refuse sacks, double bagged and securely tied at the top.

We do not collect general food waste or cardboard. You can put this in your black (for food waste) or green (for cardboard)bin.​

Click to expandWhere should I leave my items for collection?

​Items should be left outside in a safe and accessible place as close as possible to whichever entrance is most accessible for the collection vehicle, but within the boundary of your property.

Items should be covered to protect them from weather especially soft furnishings, sofas and mattresses. Please note that items may not be collected if they are too heavy.

Sharp points or edges and loose pieces must be covered and secured for health and safety reasons. Sheets of glass must be bound and protected.

On your day of collection make sure any gates are unlocked, there are no cars on the drive and any dogs are inside the house or on a lead.​

Click to expandHow do I cancel a collection?

​You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the collection date.

You can amend the booking up to 6 working days in advance of the collection date.

If you booked your collection through your ‘My Leeds’ account and would like to cancel or amend your collection, this can be done through your account. You will need to access the booking and click update request which will lead you to the screen where your collection can be amended or cancelled.

If you booked the collection and you were not logged into your 'My Leeds' account at the time of the booking, this will not show on your account records and you will not be able to amend or cancel your booking online. To cancel or amend the collection, please email us at or ring us on 0113 222 4406 (lines open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday)​​

Click to expandWill the crew take extra items on the day of collection?

​The crew will only take the items listed for collection. If you change any items that are due to be collected, please contact us at least six working days before collection is due.

If an item cannot be collected for any reason, for example it is contaminated, cannot be accessed, or has not been presented for collection, our operatives may take photographs for audit purposes.​

Click to expandWill you collect from an empty property?

​We will only collect from a property which is occupied. This is to ensure that the items are kept dry, and placed out for collection at the agreed time, and to prevent fly tipping. ​​

Click to expandI am a landlord - can I arrange a collection from one of my properties?

This service is only available to residents. Please visit our business waste page for more information.​​

Business waste

Click to expandHow do I dispose of hazardous waste?

​This includes batteries, low-energy light bulbs, household chemicals and some paints. Please take these items to your nearest recycling site. If you are unable to do so, please call us on 0113 222 4406 to see if we can help.

Please do not put these items into your black bin.​

Click to expandHow do I dispose of asbestos?

​Kirkstall Recycling Site accepts asbestos by appointment only. Please call 0113 3783030 for information and charges.​

Click to expandUsing private waste disposal firms

Please be aware that if you hire contractors such as builders and allied trades, landscape gardeners, tree fellers and surgeons, house clearers, retail establishments or scrap metal merchants who are removing waste items from your property, these people will normally need a waste carrier registration.

Ask your contractor if they're a registered waste carrier, and ask for their waste carrier number.

Alternatively, you can contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 and ask for a Waste Carrier Validation Check. You can also do this online by checking the Authorised Waste Carriers Register. If your contractor is not registered, you should refuse their services and request that they seek advice from the Environment Agency.

If you do employ someone to remove waste from your property and this waste is subsequently found illegally dumped and traced back to you, you could be held responsible. To guard against this keep a note of their name, telephone number and vehicle registration number​​​

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